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Jayden-G posted on Jul 01, 2013 at 06:56PM
This is one of the contests that I created based off of "Character of the Month". I know it is not one of the best, but I'm trying. So, you get to post here what the Character of the Month's strongest trait is, and the ones that are listed on here will be put into the polls, and we will decide which trait is the strongest. The winner will receive an Answers prop for winning the contest. I will write an article at the end of the month about the Character of the Month's character traits that you all gave me (and your reasonings) and why it makes them likeable.

1. You have to explain why the trait is the character's strongest trait
2. Nominate maximum 3 traits

Character of the Month
July: Mickey Mouse
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più di un anno fa Swanpride said…
Cleverness (he has his own strip with detective stories, after all), resourcefulness (he always has an idea and is there a role he didn't play?) and being nice.