Disney preferito Disney movie moment icona contest!

TheFabulousFAN posted on Mar 12, 2014 at 09:01PM

1.Your icon must be square: 100x100 preferably but not necessarily.
2.You must submit it by 10:00pm (eastern standard time) every Friday.
3.You must stay inside the specific rules for the theme of the week.
4.You have complete creative freedom, unless stated otherwise.
5. The winner of the week can choose the next movie for the theme.

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più di un anno fa TheFabulousFAN said…
This weeks movie is TheLionKing! Pick your favorite moment and make an icon! Full creative freedom.
più di un anno fa Maria7Potter said…
Mine! Favourite moment from favourite movie. ❤
 Mine! Favourite moment from favourite movie. ❤
TheFabulousFAN commented…
Great job if te want to see the sondaggio it is in the Disney princess club (since it is più active) più di un anno fa