Disney Disney Character 20 in 20 icona Contest. Round 1 *Sign Ups are Open*

princecatcher93 posted on Mar 13, 2014 at 01:38AM
Hi everyone! This works like any other 20 in 20 icon contest, and here are the rules:

- You have 20 days to make 20 icons of the Disney Character you sign up with

- Absolutely NO STEALING. You must make the icons. However, you can use old icons that you have submitted to other contests, but not submitted to this one.

- In each round you will have themes in this form:
*10 Themed icons: each icon with different theme. New round/10 new themes
*5 Category icons: One theme for 5 icons. New round/new theme
*5 Artist's choice icons: 5 Icons of your choice.

- Icons must be SQUARE, unless specified otherwise. It doesn't matter how big it is as long as it is as long as it is 100 x 100 pixels or bigger.

- No animated icons (GIFs)

- Absolutely NO CHEATING. Do not vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.

- You must submit at least 10 icons to be included in the polls

- Each person can only sign up for one Disney Character per round, and only one person per Disney Character per round. If you sign up for a Disney Character in a round, you cannot sign up for the same one for another five rounds.

- The winner of each round will get 5 props from me and if you win a theme, you will get 1 prop

-Yes You can take any character from under they Disney Sky, Mickey Mouse, Elsa, Mike W., Mary Poppins, as long as they are from a Disney/Pixar movie they can be used


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Theme suggestions are also very welcome.

Round 1 Themes (Deadline April 3rd)
1: With Usersname
2: With your favorite Pixar Character (If your character is your Favorite Pixar Character use your second Favorite)
3: Flowers
4: Sad
5: With a Quote from another Character In the Film
6: Anything to do with Saint Patrick's Day
7: Smiling
8: First Shoot (The very first time we see them in the movie)
9: Last Shoot (Last time we see them in the movie)
10: With Walt Disney
Category: At Five Different Rides or Attractions at a Disney Park
Artist's choice (5 icons of your choice)

Round 2 Themes (Deadline April 27ths)
1: Spring Themed
2: With A Character From Your Favorite Non-Disney Film (In the Disney castle in in the beginning of the film you can't use it)
3: With a line from your Favorite Song (Can be Disney or Non-Disney)
4: With Food
5: Happy
6: With your Favorite School Subject
7: With your Least Favorite School Subject
8: With the Character you Ship them with (Can be Cross over or cannon Friendships or lovers)
9: With the Background of your Favorite Disney movie (Use second Favorite is character is from that movie)
10: With a Character From The Avengers films (Any of the films From Iron Man 1 to Winter Soldier)
Category: With 5 Different Character From that Film
Artist's Choice (5 Icons of your choice)

You can sign up for: Disney Animated Films, Live Action (The Pirate Films, Disney Channel Movie, Companies Disney just bought And the Older Classic Ones), Pixar and Shorts

Sign Ups
Round 1
Princecatcher93: Woody
cruella: Miss Piggy.
zikkiforever: Mickey Mouse
MissAngelPaws: Alice
Silverrose1991: Daisy Duck
LibelluleBleu: Esmeralda
fanlovver: Simba
CRaZy_rawR: Megara

Round 2:
fanlovver: Aladdin
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