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fahmad27 posted on Sep 08, 2014 at 07:32AM
Have you seen a Disney movie that you not only didn't like but also think it needs improvement? What would you do to fix it?
For me, it's the Princess and the Frog. I found the story somewhat formulaic because some of the scenes and a few characters were too much like past Disney films. (My bro complained that Louis was too much like Puumba and that Naveen looked too much like Eric). Other scenes were bland and the songs lack emotional depth.
What I would to improve the story:
-Tone down The voodoo scenes with the villain. Found him a bit too frightening.
-Give a tiny explanation why Charlotte didn't turn into a frog after kissing Naveen, despite no longer being a princess. I am annoyed that the movie failed to explain that!
-Have a short sequence of Eudora and the LaBouffs looking for Tiana. Surely they must have noticed her absence!
-Focus on the leads' relationships with other characters. I felt that the movie focused way too much on the romance between Tiana/Naveen. We rarely learned about how close Tiana was to her mom and the LaBouffs and what Naveen's relationship with his parents was like. True, we learned a bit of Tiana's relationship with her father but even it doesn't get expanded on. Selling a story on just romance rarely works.
-Explain why would turning Naveen into a frog help Dr. Facilier kill Mr. La Bouff. Wouldn't it make sense to have the real Naveen; rather than Lawrence in disguise; marry Charlotte?
-Have Tiana spend a bit more screen time as a human before turning into a frog. ( some people complained about Tiana becoming a frog but in Disney's defense, the movie was directly based on the Frog Princess; not on the Frog Prince).
-Get a new composer to write songs! I found Randy Newman's songs very disappointing. They weren't as catchy or memorable as the other Disney songs. And this is coming from someone who is a fan of Randy Newman and jazz.

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più di un anno fa glelsey said…
^Nice! While I admit I do love The Princess and the Frog, I think you've made some fair points there. :)

Out of the Disney movies that I didn't like, the one I would have liked to improved is Meet The Robinsons. The reason I've chosen this one is because there was something I did particularly love about it, and that was the storyline. For me, the film fell flat in a number of other areas, but due to having such a fun storyline (I should mention I have a soft spot for the concept of time travel) I'm kinda hoping Disney or another company remakes that movie someday.

Here are some of the things I would want changing and/or developing on:

-One of the main things that bothered me was the visual quality. It was one of the earliest 3D films Disney made without Pixar, so that could explain something, and I feel confident that Disney's 3D department has come a long way since then. I would have liked to see more texturing, more facial expressions and dynamic body language from the characters, and for characters and objects to be more weighted.

-This may come down to personal taste, but I wasn't too keen on their take on differences between the present and future. Both had very similar atmospheres, but differed when it came to gadgets. The future was very stereotypically futuristic. I personally would have liked to see them go in a different direction; if you look back on the past few decades, no matter where you live in the world, you're sure to see a lot of changes in the way people talk and dress. While there's no way of knowing what kind of fads will be around a few decades from now, I would have enjoyed seeing the creators at least take a guess. For example, will the hippy era or grunge era make a comeback? I just felt like the scenes in the future acted too mid-2000s. It's the easy choice, but not the most creative one. Meanwhile, I would have preferred it if they toned down on the futuristic scenery and gadgets, a little. I like that kind of thing, but it's been done in pretty much every film set in the future, and the time periods in Meet The Robinsons are supposed to only be one generation apart. To me, it felt like they were about 100 years apart. Or they had gone to another planet!

-Here's what bothered me the most: character design and development. As I mentioned earlier, I loved the storyline. And, if you think about it, the storyline is both exciting and heartwarming. There lies the problem... I had to think about it. Usually when I watch a Disney film, I am looking forward to finding out what happens next, I can get completely absorbed into the film's events, and I feel a number of emotions throughout the film. In this one, I didn't, even though when I look back at it I feel like I should have. I put it down to the fact that I simply didn't care for the characters. The antagonist had a wonderful backstory (about how he ended up as the film's antagonist), but his personality throughout did not really interest me. I found the characters' personalities pretty bland overall, and am sure that this is why I didn't find the film as exciting or emotional as I should have done. I also wanted to see the protagonist's personality develop more, or at least learn more about his personality. He wasn't very deep for a lead character.

-The humour disappointed me a little too, which may come across surprising to people who know how much I enjoy zany, hyperactive cartoons. Meet The Robinsons had a style of humour similar to The Fairly OddParents - a cartoon I like very much - but somehow I didn't think that this comedy technique was fitting to what could have been a heartfelt and epic adventure. I like that comedy was present (or at least an attempt was made) but I think that maybe they should have tried a different approach. I wouldn't have minded sitcom-style humour, which can still be pretty rapid-fire at times but the majority of jokes are offhanded comments and not as over-the-top as hyperactive cartoon jokes. Something about the humour style didn't seem right to me. Some of the jokes fell flat, in my opinion, even though I have been known to enjoy that kind of humour before. Another factor could be due to lack of character personalities, as I find I'm more likely to appreciate a joke if it concerns a character I am familiar with, and as described in the above paragraph, I wasn't satisfied with the character design and therefore never really felt that familiar with any of the characters.

There are probably little things I might want to change about the film too, but those are the main points. Sorry if I blabbered on a bit there, but it's an interesting topic to think about. Hmm, I kinda want to direct my own version of this film now. 8)