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ojoglasses posted on Dec 08, 2014 at 04:13PM
First, the online glasses ----- inexpensive and accessible.
------ Direct price advantage, large, so that the price of the glasses back to nature.
Independent production, to reduce the cost of sales of intermediate links, so that million won over glasses store has incomparable advantages of low-cost vertical sold through a network platform. Therefore billion over glasses can be truly high-quality low-cost.
----- Businesses choose not to look at his face, complete freedom.
There are thousands of models of products, you can try our online system to try them each a spectacle. Of course, if you do not bother, we design the most user-friendly shopping navigation. In short, and with the help of the online shopping guide for the next try, you can choose to maximize autonomously.
Quality Assurance ----- legitimate business, full license.
Perhaps there are many people online glasses doubts still exist more or less. Of course, we have confidence in their products, because we have a strict quality control process. So for all goods sold are made 7 days, 30 days replacement quality assurance commitment, even if you are just not satisfied with the style and color.
---- Comprehensive value-added services to provide comprehensive knowledge of the glasses.
Our commitment to life-long maintenance-free goods to sell, and we we try to establish visual archives contain photos and parameters, prescriptions and other data through the network platform support for every customer. The VIP customer is able to obtain vision conservation plans, seductive recipes, eye treatment counseling and other aspects of detailed and in-depth professional services.
Second, the traditional glasses ---- costly and cumbersome.
The high cost of sales ----- all charges, all consumers pay.
In the tradition of the store to buy a pair of glasses in addition to the cost of the price of basic commodities also added a store rent, equipment wear and tear as well as purchasing, stocking additional cost. So the same with a pair of glasses, you want to pay extra for these costs in a traditional store.
Select single ------- contrast trouble varieties insufficiency.
Frame in traditional store service personnel listed never more than 10 models, and we always used to pick a paragraph in the 10 own more satisfactory. The most suitable for our glasses but never one that was left in a display cabinet in the corner of the store.
----- Sales of less quality and style, the product is not fashionable.
Longshehunza store brand goods, coupled with the general lack of understanding of the customer for the eyewear brand, is easy to stay hidden quality. If you bought the glasses useless few days there is a problem, the situation in the traditional store indefinitely waiting for your repairs only, and can not replace the new goods, in this case due to dissatisfaction with the requirements of styles and colors returned , that is ridiculous.
In addition to service short board ----- glasses, glasses knowledge can not be fully available.
Traditional store if it is the case then the individual store customer experience that is basically a prescription that is lost, and large chain stores because of the restrictions on the distribution and management, it is difficult to realize the vision of customers offsite data call, and save time normally does not exceed six months. Save the limitations of data and geographic distribution, but also limits the expanded value-added services in more depth.

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