Disney 10 in 10 Disney Contest. Round 1 Open!

WinterSpirit809 posted on Jul 04, 2016 at 12:07AM
So my last icon contest didn't go so well, so I made a new one. This is inspired loosely by cruella's 20 in 20 CAMH icon contest and abcjkl's Disney Character of the Month icon contest on the DP club.

So you have 10 days to make 10 icons. 5 Regular categories and 5 extra categories. Each round will have a movie. So you have to choose a character from that movie to do your icons on.


Round _ movie is Frozen. If you choose to do the character Elsa ALL your icons have to be Elsa. There is no limitation to how many people get the same character.


*Icon must be squared and a maximum of 200x200 pixels.
*All 10 icons must be done by due date.
*Winner has two days to decide which movie is next.
*Please do not choose the same movie two weeks in a row. It might be longer.
*All must be the same character.
* No cheating. Don't vote for your own icon and no rigging. Comments and votes are both considered.
*If you haven't watched the movie of the round and would still like to participate quotes and other links will be posted for your benefit.

Regular Themes

1. Character Poster (If they don't have one, feel free to make your own)
2. Icon with character's name
3. Character quote (links will be posted, can be a quote said by them or about them, or describes them. Has to be from the movie)
4. Chosen character with another character
5. Character symbol (if they don't have one you can make one up)

Round 1: (Open)-Closes July 13th

Movie: Mulan

1. "Honor to Us All" quote (Even if they weren't present for the song)
2. Friendship
3. Love (Family/friends/romantic)
4. Chinese culture (something that shows the Chinese culture)
5. Yin and Yang ( yep totally ripped this one off lol)

Round 2:(

Movie: Big Hero 6 Opens July 13th

1. "Immortals" Quote (Song in helpful links)
2. Teen Titans Crossover
3. Before/After(either first and last scene or character without super suit and with super suit.)
4. Quote from another character( Ex: "Tadashi is Here"(Baymax) if your character is Tadashi.)
5. Character at Hogwarts (Random lol)

Helpful Links:

Quotes: link
Character Descriptions: link
"Honor to Us All" lyrics: link
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