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 Minnie topo, mouse wallpaper
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minnie topo, mouse wallpaper
minnie topo, mouse
Disney wallpaper
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This Disney wallpaper contains bouquet, corpetto, posy, mazzo di fiori, corsage, and nosegay. There might also be scatola di finestra.

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Here's my countdown of the most attractive Disney females. I hope te enjoy and sorry if te don't agree.

Top 10 Most Attractive Disney Females

#10 Evil Queen (Snow White)

What a way to start the lista but with a Villain! I've always found the Evil Queen from Snow White beautiful for some reason and most definately the most attractive out of all of the female villains. However, there's always that slight drawback that te might find your cuore in the loaf of pane after having an argument about who's hid the remote control. Some people might prefer someone a bit sweeter and with a kinder...
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Here's some difference I found between the Little Mermaid book, and movie, here they are.

1. In the movie, The Little Mermaid has a name (Ariel, but in the book, she's just called The Little Mermaid.

2. A girl finds the prince on the puntellare, riva after the Little Mermaid saves him, but, in the movie, Max and Grimsby finds him.

3.In the book, The Little Mermaid has 5 sisters, and lives with her father, and her grandmother. In the movie, she has 6 sisters, and only lives with her father.

4. The sea witch cuts the little mermaid's tongue off, instead of, like in the movie, putting it in a necklace.

5. When...
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 Ariel's Sisters: WHY AREN'T WE ON HERE, Me: Because your all SO UGLY
Ariel's Sisters: WHY AREN'T WE ON HERE, Me: Because your all SO UGLY
Okay I remake this because of a few changes and because I learned how to work the pictures. Anyway because of the 20 pictures I'm not going to talk much about numbers 30-21 and they're not going to have they're own individual pictures. This lista will have heroines, villianesses, and supporting girls.

Mysterious person: I shall tell te the fairest one of all

Me: Who the heck is that

30.Madame Mim only when she turns beautiful because as she detto it's only skin deep because she's really an ugly old hag.(Villianess)

29.Tiana's friend that wanted Tiana to go danceing while she's not that special...
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