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 4x05 The Poison Sky
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Doctor Who
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the poison sky
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As te well know, over the very many years since Doctor Who's beginning there have been 11 Doctor's. I, however have not seen all of them as I was born long after Doctor Who began. However, I have made it a point to watch as much as I can. But after an awful lot of watching, I have noticed that there has been much dibattito over the different Doctors and I believe that this is because people often find it hard to adjust when different Doctors with different personalities come into the show. So when I started watching, I made a promise to myself that I would be open minded to all of the different Doctors. So after a LOT of watching I have decided that Matt Smith is my favourite Doctor. This is because I get frightened very easily and his sense of humour always makes me feel better. Whenever I'm scared during an episode, Matt Smith will open his mouth and speak and it will make me laugh so very hard that I forget I was ever scared in the first place! Who is your favourite Doctor and why?
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