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This was lying in my cupboard for almost two months so the events from season 5 are not included. And, well ... don't take it too seriously. XD
It was inspired da amazing "10 things te never knew about..." da hilarious link

1) He shaves his eyebrows every day. They still look this way.

2) He has an imaginary friend. His name is “Greggy” and he spends most of his time apologizing and eating his own lunches.

He would never admit it to House.

3) He secretly fancies the “Bugs Bunny” tie House gave him.

4) He can play the piano. He never does because he doesn’t want to steal House’s glory....
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A-Amber was the one he loved ♥
B-Boy Wonder Oncologist!
C-Cares about people all the time.
D-Duck <3 He gave a toy anatra to little Rachel.
E-Eyebrows- who doesn't Amore his eyebrows?
F-Food. It tends to get stolen da House.
G-Gummy bears. He doesn't like them.
H-Head of the Department of Oncology
I-Illness. Clinical Depression.
K-Kitchen. Wilson cooking is LOVE.
L-Likes alcohol and parties.
M-Marriages- They don't work out so well for him.
N-Needy. He likes needy people.
O-Oh my god, he's so cute!
P-Pantless Wilson makes us flail!
R-Responsibility. He's incapable of turning away from it.
S-Sex. Appearantly he is good in bed. (xD)
T-Tie. Wilson has a large collection of ties <3.
U-Unique. Simpley unique.
V-Very handsome.
W-Well Adjusted. But as messed up as the rest of us...
Y-You drugged me! XDDD
funny moments of house and wilson in season 4 episodes 1-12! Credits: MartheNik
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