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 Dragonball Z: Universe X
Dragonball Z: Universe X
- Dragonball Z: Universe X -


Above Planet Vegeta, Current Age - 737

A somewhat enraged man with black hair stood in front of the masses, he wore a black and green armoured uniform that was damaged and judging da his facial expression he was going to stand his ground to the end.

The clutter of armoured men that had previously chased and attacked the black haired man, were now motionless. But gulped in fear towards the man's focal point.

In the direction the man's attention was focused, the very superiore, in alto of a large, somewhat flat but spherical spaceship something exited. o più specifically, someone.

The person who exited the spaceship, was più of what te might call an imp sat within what most would consider a floating throne. Though in all regards this white and purple imp may as well have been of royalty. He sure acted as though he was above even his own soldiers.

The white and purple imp, with demon like horn protrusions held a devilish grin on his face. All the while the black haired man became più enraged as his torn armour and his bloodied body showed his torment as he gripped his right fist tightly.

"Frieza! We don't work for te any more. We're done...we'd rather die than work for te any more!" The black haired man shouted out.

The imp, who the black haired man had called 'Frieza' continued to hold the same devilish expression he previously held. Though he seemed to enjoy the black haired man's rants. Meanwhile, a large rosa man and a tall light green man presumably Frieza's bodyguards stood da behind Frieza.

"Heh. Grin all te want Frieza," The black haired man muttered with confidence.

The black haired man would say, his fist had been gripped quite tightly as he opened it and a light blue ball of energy would appear. The black haired man's anger had subsided and he was grinning.

"You see this Frieza? It's for you. SO HAVE IT!" The black haired man roared out with a subtlety tone to his voice, before tossing the blue ball of energy straight towards Frieza who did not flinch in the slightest.

In response, Frieza smiled. "You see, te Saiyajins have become a problem. And it's time to deal with te vermin once and for all,"

Frieza would then raise his right index finger, still sat within his 'throne' as his two bodyguards remained surprised da Frieza even taking action. The white and purple imp began to form an energy attack of his own at the tip of his index finger.

As the energy began to form, it was clear it meant death from it's orangey yellow colour as it began to grow in size of great height and width at least compared to the small form of it's creator as a giant ball. Frieza was brimming with a giant smile da this point as the black haired man's attack came at Frieza.

The black haired man's attack collided with Frieza's giant ball only to be engulfed da it like a falena to the fire. This made Frieza smile in joy even più knowing that all this man's efforts were about to be in total vain.

"W-what?! No Way!" The black haired man would exclaim in his shock...and horror.

He had thrown his most powerful attack at his opponent, the imp Frieza...and it had no effect. And now he was going to receive Frieza's 'counter-attack' and there was nothing he could do.

Just as he concluded this, Frieza pressed his index inoltrare, avanti causing the very large ball of energy he had created to sposta inoltrare, avanti and towards the black haired man, as well as the hundreds of soldiers behind him and of course...the planet below. His planet, Planet Vegeta the same planet he had tried to defend and protect...but he had failed in this course of action.

The giant ball of energy collided with the black haired man first as he was engulfed and he felt himself being erased from existence in all it's entirety.

But in his last few moments...he saw a vision. Ironic that it was one of these visions that alerted him to Frieza's plans to begin with. But this was different...he saw Frieza as well as his son, Kakarot face to face.

This alone, caused him to smile even in his own death. Because he knew something that Frieza would never know...he would be defeated...by the black haired man's son. Frieza on the other hand was enjoying this 'show' as he cackled and laughed as he watched his energy ball engulf everything in it's path, including the Planet Vegeta.

Whilst this was occurring, a spazio pod carrying a young Saiyajin child sore off threw spazio away from all the chaos. And this Saiyajin child, is the son that the black haired man foresaw...Kakarot otherwise known simply as Goku. The son, of Bardock.

At least...that's how we all know this story...but the universe has many complex twists and turns, alternate versions of events occurring all the time and during this one point in time. Bardock did not perish with his planet like most believed, he was instead...sent to the past.

On Planet Plant, Current Age - 238

Bardock found his eyes opening as his body jolted upward in an unknown place with a blanket of some kind covering the lower half of his body.

"Am I...dead?" Bardock questioned to himself aloud as he gripped at his fists in confusion. It was hard for him to believe he was alive that was for sure. He remembered what his last moments among the living were after all.

Bardock got up from what appeared to be a 'bed' and looked out a hole in the bacheca where he was at, and noticed the reddish sky above and it concerned him. "Where am I...this looks so much like Planet Vegeta but...," He stopped to say as the image of Frieza destroying Planet Vegeta came to his mind and he became angry once more.

Bardock continued to observe his surroundings...the rockiness of the planet and just the general surroundings...it was almost the same as Planet Vegeta but...different. If this was the past then why were there no Tuffles? Is what Bardock thought until he heard a voice.

"So, you've awoken have you. I'm glad," A strange purple alien said, who approached Bardock along with his son.

"Who are you?! And where am I?!" Bardock exclaimed, he didn't feel threatened but he didn't like what was going on either.

"Relax stranger. My name is Ipana and this is my son, Berry," The purple alien said, as his much smaller son peered his purple head from behind his father staring at Bardock holding a medicine bottle. "I have to say, your recovery has been remarkable. I've not encountered anyone like you,"

Bardock growled some under his breath as he noticed his Saiyajin armour sitting near the letto he had been on which made him secondo guess if he had dreamed Frieza's attack on Planet Vegeta.

"You still have not told me where I am though," Bardock detto a lil more...agitated in his tone of voice.

"Why te are on Planet Plant and we are Plants if te must call our species something. Now, let me see your arm for a moment," The alien detto pouring a strange liquid on Bardock's arm.

'Planet Plant...wasn't that the original name of Planet Vegeta? Could I have been sent to the past?' Bardock thought to himself noticing the liquid. 'And this...it's similar to the medical machine liquid...this makes no sense.' He again thought to himself.

The young alien child scurried under the sheet Bardock previously had over him. "So mister, what's your name?" He detto in a cute voice.

"None of your business kid!" Bardock yelled scaring the young Berry back under the sheet as Ipana looked at Bardock for a moment as a shadow flew across the window which caused both Ipana and Bardock to look.

"Impossible?! It can't be!" Bardock grunted whilst saying this grabbing his armour before fleeing Ipana's house and heading in the direction the ship went. 'Frieza...here?! But if this is the past then...how?!' he thought to himself blaring off at fast speeds.

Meanwhile at the Plant village, two aliens were attacking the village. They also began to shoot the village apart in an attempt to mostra their dominance over the village.

"Haha. Planet Plant belongs to us now. te will obey our master Lord Chilled o die!" One of the aliens yelled as Bardock landed on a nearby large rock with an annoyed look on his face.

Bardock darted as veloce, swift as he could landing a punch, punzone to the stomach of one of the aliens, causing him great agony before falling as the other alien went for Bardock causing Bardock to dodge his attack before retaliating with a kick sending him flying into a nearby rock, silencing them both. But after doing this the villagers began to pour around Bardock, their saviour.

"Dammit! Get away from me!" Bardock yelled as he brought up his palm in their direction causing them to cower in fear as Bardock flew off still annoyed as he wanted to be left alone.

Bardock landed in a cave that was outside of the village as he heaved a heavy sigh, and began to recollect his memories as he sat down against the cave's wall. "What is this place...that Plant called this Planet Plant but...Planet Plant was inhabited da those Tuffles...this makes no sense...," Bardock detto to himself.

'I was caught in Frieza's attack...I was clearly a goner...' He thought to himself covering his face. "And yet...I don't remember anything after that...," Bardock slammed his fist clenched in a ball into the cave bacheca in frustration.

Sometime later, Berry managed to found Bardock in his hiding spot outside of the village and brought him some Cibo as he arrived Bardock glared at him in annoyance.

"Look kid, leave me alone okay. If te think Cibo is going to change my mind you're sadly mistaken. I can assure te of that," Bardock would say, turning his head away ignoring Berry.

"I'm sorry mister...I just thought you'd be hungry. Besides te saved our village...," Berry detto in a scared tone of voice. Bardock on the other hand didn't respond, but he didn't need to because his stomach answered for him growling very loud.

Berry brought the Cibo over to Bardock in anticipation, but didn't say any more. He was content bringing this 'friend' Cibo and being near him. Even if his new friend yelled at him o tried to scare him like before.

"Bardock," Bardock detto as he grabbed one of the pieces of Cibo and began to eat it, causing Berry to smile and attempt to get closer to Bardock again.

"Yay! Bardock, it's nice to meet you," Berry detto in a happier tone of voice. Which simply irritated Bardock causing him to sigh and stuff his face with più food.

This process of Berry bringing food, and Bardock eating detto Cibo continued for several days. And a kind of bond began to grow between the Plant and the Saiyajin which Bardock found odd. But then it was the first time he had been able to be at peace...for years. So it was refreshing to him. Plus whenever he saw Berry it made him think of Kakarot and Raditz...his two sons.

Soon after, another Frieza like ship landed on the planet and several aliens in cloaks began to domanda about the killer of the precedente aliens. The Plants informed the newcomers that the one who protected them was called Bardock. This caused the lead alien to smile in a sinister way.

"Well then, if te encounter this Bardock. Please tell him we'd like to see him regarding your attackers," The imp sized figure that detto this revealed his face slightly. From the distance Berry had just come back seeing Bardock and when he saw the alien's face it scared him and he instantly went back towards where Bardock was to get his help.

Bardock was just checking his injuries as Berry arrived. Bardock turned his head to face Berry as he wondered just what had the kid so hyped up. Especially judging da Berry's panting he had been running as far as he possibly could.

"Bardock...aliens...at the village again...," Berry said, whilst still panting.

"Why should I care? It's not my problem," Bardock retorted uninterested any more.

"Because they were looking for you...Bardock," Berry detto in response, as he began to cry.

"Wait...why would they be looking for me?" Bardock exclaimed, not really understanding it at all.

"I don't know, but those men were scary...and-," Berry stopped mid-sentence as explosions rocketed the Plant village causing both Berry and Bardock to look in the village's direction.

"It's them, I can tell. Please Bardock te have to help!" Berry continued to cry as he clung to Bardock's leg repeatedly begging him for his help.

Bardock began to cringe, closing his eyes thinking back on everything that had happened to him within the last several days. His entire team being wiped out...Frieza destroying Planet Vegeta...being here...it was just getting too much as he kicked Berry away grabbing his headband before flying off towards the village in anger.

Meanwhile, the Plant villagers were being attacked and their village destroyed yet again da the aliens. Ipana was about to be attacked until Bardock plummeted his fist into the alien and sent him crashing into the ground. As Bardock landed he had a serious look on his face because he simply was so angry right now...words wouldn't have described it.

One of the cloaked aliens began to walk towards Bardock. "So...you're the one who killed my men. It makes sense now," The hooded alien detto revealing his head and pulling the mantello down causing Bardock to freak out.

"F-Frieza?!" Bardock exclaimed in anger as Bardock began to clench his fist più tightly than ever before, his body shook with anger as he charged inoltrare, avanti violently slamming his fist into what he believed was Frieza causing the Frieza lookalike to slide backwards. The impish creature snickered for a moment.

Bardock was still overcome da anger before the imp suddenly smacked Bardock into the ground crushing Bardock's face into the ground.

"You dare defy the might of Lord Chilled? Pfft, the ignorance," The imp said, declaring his name.

Bardock grumbled into the ground, repeatedly saying one name. 'Frieza'. As his head was finally allowed to somewhat sposta up the name could be heard clearer.

"Frieza...," Bardock mumbled in a defiant tone to Chilled who crushed Bardocks' face once più under his foot.

"Just who is this Frieza te keep mentioning. Honestly. Do te have no idea who you're dealing with?!" Chilled exclaimed in annoyance before kicking Bardock flying into a large rock snickering some more.

As Bardock slammed into the rock, he tried to get up but with little success. 'So...this really is the past. He must...be Frieza's ancestor...' Bardock thought to himself not able to find the energy to stand up.

"Perhaps if te were tamed, you'd prove useful to me. But I have no time for insects," Chilled detto whipping his tail behind him, as Ipana went to help Bardock before being sent flying in the opposite direction da Chilled.

This caused Berry to run to his father to see if he was okay. Chilled thought for a diviso, spalato secondo to just be done with the father and son as he walked towards Ipana and Berry snickering all the way towards them as Berry began to really get scared da Chilled.

But then Chilled stopped, and turned back around snickering even più as he charged up a simple purple energy attack. "But first, I'll rid myself of te indefinitely insect," Chilled detto excited da his own actions referring to Bardock.

Suddenly something seemed to drive Berry as he saw Chilled charge a purple ball of energy towards Bardock who still hadn't gotten up from being sent flying. Thus Berry moved in front of his father, scared to his wits but his body moved on it's own before running towards Chilled.

Chilled snickered to himself but didn't turn around just yet, he wanted to really devastate this little child and mostra everyone that he just simply didn't care.

"Kid...stay away from here...," Was all Bardock could muster as Chilled turned around and blasted Berry away sending him flying like Chilled had done to Bardock and Ipana. Chilled got a small thrill from what most would see as child abuse.

Bardock began to pull himself up some, digging his hands into the ground struggling to deal with his situation. "Dammit...," Bardock detto to himself thinking back to how helpless he was to save his team...how helpless he was against Frieza...and yet again he was even powerless to save an annoying kid he had somehow called...a friend.

Bardock suddenly began to slam his head into the ground in frustration. "If only I had più power!" He yelled slamming his head into the ground again, the pictures racing through his mind several times as his anger grew even più at his helplessness.

As this continued, the sky began to crackle with lightning as he now slammed his fist into the ground. "I need power...I must...kill...FRIEZA!" He yelled again as the cackles of lightning increased which caused Chilled to turn around in surprise.

"W-What's going on here. Insect! I demand to know what's going on here!" Chilled screamed out completely confused at his own situation now.

Sweat began to drip from Bardock's face as lightning quite literally hit the ground several times around Bardock as his anger began to rise to new heights...his hair began to flutter upwards as he slammed his fists into the ground repeatedly in anger.

Chilled da this point was frustrated to no end and began to grit his teeth as Bardock's head turned for a moment seeing the injured Berry. Ipana went to help his son as Bardock's hair continued to flutter and flash golden whilst his eyes flashed turquoise.

Bardock's body began to rise as electricity stuttered around Bardock's body as his hair was now up on end and Chilled finally lept inoltrare, avanti to attack Bardock without hesitation now.

At that moment, Bardock released all his inner energy blasting Chilled flying away as his hair completely turned golden and his eyes had turned turquoise. Bardock turned around to face the direction Chilled had been sent in. Bardock was now...a Super Saiyajin.

"You freak...I'LL KILL te WHERE te STAND!" Bardock yelled out as Chilled had recovered and was now stood on superiore, in alto of a nearby rock. But Chilled had regained his composure.

"So, the insect has some bite. Well then, this'll make your death più satisfying!" Chilled yelled back.
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