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This Dragon Ball Z fan art might contain segno, manifesto, testo, lavagna, and poster.

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Goku's definition of marriage: Living in the same house.
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A giorno at the Amusement park

It was 6am at Capsule corp. Vegeta was already up "Training" and Trunks just woke up.

"Trunks ran to where his dad was"

And Trunks detto to his dad are we still going to go to the Anusement park"

Vegeta detto with a "Angey face" No! Trunks i am the "Prince of all Saiyan" I Dont have time go to Amusement park`s.

Trunsk detto but te "Promised" me. At that very Monment Bulma walk in and she detto "Trunks what did te father promise you?

Trunks detto Rember he detto for my birthday he would take me to the Amusement park.

Bulma detto to Vegeta did te say...
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