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posted by jackvidgencutie
drake Ladcoi was born on December 23, 1997. which means he is 14. drake was born in New York, New York. When he was a kid, his family struck poor. drake loves Archie Comics. So when he was 10 he started drawing the charactors of the archie comics and sold them on the streets to earn money.
When he was 12 he started Canto on the streets to. he sang popualar songs like sweet home alibama and God bless American. He earned anoff money to go to Washington with his class in 2011.
drake was Canto on the streets one giorno and a Musica manerger whated to sign a record deal with Drake. drake of course detto yes. From there on he has been Canto at malls, Stages and streets to become famous.
drake did a duet with Big Time Rush at one of there concerts! drake also did a duet with Justin Bieber!Sence then, Drakes popularity has ran off the charts!