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posted by -Mack_Malfoy-
 (Pretend Izzy and Bridgette Arent There)
(Pretend Izzy and Bridgette Arent There)
Three years ago,when Courtney Madison was eleven years old,she had received a letter accepting her into a school. No,it wasn't your normal,run of the mill,schools;this particular school revealed Courtney to whom she truly was:a Witch.
She was ecstatic when she found out,and couldn't wait to attend. Just as she thought,she was the superiore, in alto of her classes with her best friend,Hermione Granger. Her other two Friends weren't as bright as the two brunettes,but loved them all the same.
But of course,there was one problem in her fairy tale life. Two boys da the name of Draco Malfoy and Duncan Myers...
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Courtneys POV

OK, I'm hanging with Bridget at a party at the tavern when I fell something grab my shoulders and whisper in my ear....
"Hello Princess"
"Duncan!?!?" I yell turning around to see who's behind me reviling a tall'punk with dead black hair and a light green Mohawk.
"Did te miss me " he asked
"Um, let me think, no I didn't now leave me alone 2 timer!"I yelled " Go baciare Gwen o something."
"Listen Court I detto sorry plus she kinda came on to
"Oh ya,You grabbing her and pulling her in is her coming on to you."
"But i Amore you, not her" and at this very moment that flip a switch in my...
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posted by cb0104
Duncans P.O.V.

I was waiting outside the stripclub. i looked at my watch it was 8:45, my party would start in 15 minutes. i walked in .

"may i help te sir," one of the strippers asked. she had long blonde hair, a strapless red bra and an arancia, arancio miniskirt. " yeah i hve a reservation under colemans bachelor party," i told him. she scrolled her finger up and down the list. " aw yes coleman party of three," she detto and lead me to a tavolo right infront of the stage.

" if te need anything just yell," she detto and walked away. a minuti later dj and geoff came with bslloons and beer. " ciao man,"...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney`s POV:I got to the limo as più and più fan came towards Joe and I trying to get to me.The door to the limo was now shut and Joe started driving.Fans cheered,screamed,chanted my name,took pictures,and sang the songs from my CDs.When Joe first started to driving,I stood up and put from my waist and up over the limo.Los Angeles is beautiful at night.I sat back down and caught my breath."Joe,you gotta try that sometime."I detto smiling.Joe turned around to face me laughing."Maybe I will."Joe said.We got back to the hotel after a meeting with Jason Derulo about Musica albums o something.I...
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Courtney’s POV

“What?” I say, turning around at the word Princess.

Oh, great. Again.

“It’s been six months since TDI, will te people ever quite calling me that?” It was annoying when Duncan called me princess, and I hate being constantly reminded.

I recall the first mese after Total Drama Island. Anytime I went out of house there was always someone somewhere that would recognize me as ‘that island girl’. And of course there was always some moron that called me da that dreaded nickname.

“Hey, isn’t that the Total Drama Island chick? The one that liked the delinquent?”

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I slowly drew the coltello out of the wall.I had overreacted,but why would Courtney say that?
I didn't want to leave,but I had to provide for Courtney somehow!
I walked over to our bedroom door.
"Courtney let me in."
I detto angrily.
"I think te need a minute!"
Courtney hormones were obviously going crazy because she was crying.
You could hear the angry tension in my voice.
"No te aren't!I'm upset that te jknouiuhgiiii!!
And te eeeeee.....rajhfljhbeeee!"
She shreiked and cried so hard that her words became gibberish.
"Look,I'm sorry."
I hissed.
"If te come in here you'll hurt me and the...
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