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la scelta dei fan: Gannicus
la scelta dei fan: long hair
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cal_calderon detto …
Gratulacje Panie Clare - Gannicus przyćmił Spartacusa w "Spartacus Vengeance". Czekam z niecierpliwością na kolejne, ambitniejsze kreacje i życzę udanej kariery. postato più di un anno fa
sherri_bohling detto …
Dear Dustin, I wanted te to know that I'm a huge fan of yours. I am really happy that things are going well for you. te deserve it! Maybe one of the days I'll have the fortunate pleasure of meeting te at a Comic Con event o something like it. Thanks for being the highlight of my Friday evenings. I Amore it!!!!!
Very Respectfully,
Sherri Bohling postato più di un anno fa