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 I’m exactly right for you, Bella.
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I was the natural path your life would have taken… If the world was the way it was supposed to be, if there were no monsters and no magic… I would have been the air, the sun.
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Chapter 8: Target

Alice dropped Bella at home in the morning, as I was still “camping” as far as her father knew. I had to wait at least an ora o so before mostrare up at her house, so Charlie would think I had just arrived home. It was hard for Bella to constantly lie to her father, even if it was for his own good. She hated lying to anyone about anything, and she was terrible at it when she tried. I was surprised Charlie believed as much as he did, but that was più Alice’s doing than Bella’s.

I was anxious to be back with Bella already, and I was having a hard time waiting a full...
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Alright guys, here's the start of the story, Evening Star! ^_^

Days. Weeks. Time has passed da since our return back to Forks. But now I felt whole again. It's been too long since I have been apart from my love, Bella. I can't ever think about leaving her again.

Since my return, Bella's father, Charlie, have been giving me a hard time with being with Bella. I know have visiting hours, from seven till nine thirty PM, inside the house. I didn't object, beacuse I knew I deserved worse than this, for putting Bella in agony, since for less than a half an ora to go.

I drove to the strada, via where...
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It was raining, again.

I watched Emmett as he climb the 70 ft albero that stood directly outside the house. He wasn’t anywhere near as graceful as Alice o me but his strength made up for it as he pulled himself up onto the highest branch.Hmm… I don’t see any food… but Bella’s home so te know.
Why he had to climb a albero to figure both these things out is simply questionable.

“I know” I quickly replied. I could smell a herd of deer around 6 miles away, near the mountains.
Edward? Alice thought to me. I walked, a human pace to the kitchen, though it frustrated me, I wanted to...
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I miss Scrivere soooo much! Sorry! School is getting ahead of me! ^_^

Chapter 16: Alliance

“Bella?” I called to her as she paused at the superiore, in alto of the porch steps.

She turned to face me as I jumped up the stairs to meet her. I took her into my arms again, baciare her once more. I let my lips convey just how much I loved her, no matter what happened later, and she responded enthusiastically. She seemed taken aback da the passion of the baciare when we finally pulled away, but didn’t commento on it.

“Let’s get this stupid party over with,” she muttered while staring at the ground.

I grabbed her...
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"Honestly though, why do te read it over and over? What is it that appeals to you?" I asked Bella. I'm really getting curious about Bella's mind, and how it works. It's so hard to understand her. But I was glad her expressions and her eyes were easy to read. It makes things less complicated. Bella looked at me, and I can see that my gaze distracted her. It made me smile, for her to be intoxicated da my very presense.
"I'm not sure. I think it's something about the invitability. How nothing can keep them apart - not her selfishness, o his evil, o even death, in the end...." she trailed off....
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