The 'Doctor' woke up in the cell. He looked round and saw Amy lying asleep on The Doctor's chest and found River asleep on his. He looked at River and thought that she is the only person he could trust right now. Amy probably wouldn't even go near him. He stroked River's cheek with his thumb, then he gently lifted her head off his chest and placed it gently on the floor. He then went over to the cell door and scanned it with his sonic screwdriver, which woke up River.
"What are te up to?."
"Trying to get us out of here."
"We've tried, theres no way out of here."
He put his sonicsrewdriver away and rested his head against the bars. River went over and did the exact same thing.
"What are te thinking?." The 'Doctor' looked over at Amy.
"She beautiful. But i can never be him." He points his head towards the Doctor. River grabs a hold of his hand and holds it tight but gentle.
"Listen to me. te are him. te are like him in every way possible it's just that he's her's." The 'Doctor' looks over at Amy then back at River, Looking into her eyes and intwining his fingers with hers. He was right, River is the only person he can trust right now.
"What?." He leans in closer and so does she. Their lips about to touch when Amy wakes up.
"Hey." They let go of each others hand. "What te guys up to?."
"Trying to find away out of here." The 'Doctor' walks over and sits on the bench, Looking at River nervously. "But there is no way."
"Well, Thats just great. We are stuck in here and my husband is still knocked out and has been cloned." Amy went over to the cell door and leaned against it with her arms folded. River went over and scanned the Doctor.
"He'll wake up soon. He just needs più time to recover." Amy went over to her husband and began to stroke his hair.
"Doctor, can te hear me? I need te to wake up. Please, wake up. If te can hear me give me a sign. Any sign." Nothing happend. Amy began to cry into his chest. She turned her head so she was facing the 'Doctor'.
"This is all your fault. If it wasn't for te he's still be awake and none of this would be happening. I was right. Your not the Doctor, te can't ever be. Your just a copy, a fake." The 'Doctor' got up and went over to her.
"Amy, I didn't...." Amy shot up off the Doctor's chest and backed away.
"No. te stay away from me. Just keep away from me."
"Amy, I didn't do this. It was those hooded figures."
"I know but te came out of this. They did all this for you. Your to blame. Not them, You." Amy went back over to her husband and rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes. The 'Doctor' went back over and sat on the bench with his head in his hands. He was right again, Amy did hate him. River went over and sat successivo to him.
"She doesn't mean it. She's just upset."
"No, she's right. This is all my fault." River took his hand in her's. He looked at his hand,Intwining his finger with her's then looked up at her.
"This is not your fault. Amy just detto those things because she's upset. Believe me when i tell te that te are not to blame for this."
He leaned in closer, placed his forehead against her's and gazed into her eyes.
"Why don't te hate me?."
"Because, I can see that there is no evil in you."
He leaned in closer and placed a quick baciare on her lips.
"Sorry, i didn't mean to do that, I...."
"Oh, shut up." She grabbed his giacca and pulled him in for a longer, passionate kiss. His hands went round her waist then up into her hair. But it wasn't long before he broke away.
"What's wrong?."
"I can't do this. I'm in Amore with Amy , but.."
"But what?." The 'Doctor' was about to tell her but Lost his track of thought when he spotted something behind the bench.
"River, stand up a minute." River got up off the bench, looking very confused. The 'Doctor' took out his sonicscrewdriver and began to sonic the chains holding up the bench. The bench came down with a crash but behind was their way out.