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posted by criminalminds15
 And the winner of the June FOTM is... scarxtardis!
And the winner of the June FOTM is... scarxtardis!
Hello and welcome to this interview! Now as te may know the wonderful Scarlett won the 11/Amy June FOTM competition so I now have the task of interviewing her. Hope I do an adequate job!

Ahem, so firstly. How do te feel about winning FOTM?
I feel great about winning, I feel honoured, I guess, in a strange way...

Would te like to say anything to the fan who voted for you?
What do I say to the people who voted me? Uh, thanks to the people who voted me, I guess! x]
 "Matt Smith is my doctor, forever and always!"
"Matt Smith is my doctor, forever and always!"

For those who don’t know much about you, tell us an interesting fact...
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Here it is!

Would te like to say anything to the fan who voted for you? Like me, perhaps? :D
All I can say is, thanks for helping me through that spur of the moment fanfic that was Honeymoons. It's what got me here!

For those who don’t know te well, tell them something about yourself. (Can be anything)
Uh, I'm weird? I hit people with virtual rubber chickens, crash into walls ALL THE TIME (not just virtual ones either :])

What is it te Amore the most about 11 and Amy’s relationship?
It's just so... sweet. He wants her to be happy and she's happy with him, which makes him happy... Am I confusing...
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Enjoy! XD

“Wait a sec. Leonardo Da Vinci?” Rory asked, standing to the side and turning as the Doctor stormed to the console. “I thought he was an Italian painter. Why's he on a twenty first century starship?”
“I have no idea, but the TARDIS doesn't like it.” The Doctor froze. “Oh. This is why Leo was so angry at me when we went.”
“Yes, I know, Amy, but I can't change history, te know that!”
“No, Doctor, it's him!”
“What? Who's he?”
“Sorry, Doctor, Amy might have mentioned it, but she's having a boy.” Rory told him.
“Wait, what do te mean, it's...
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posted by mossheart1235

Abby was shocked. “W-w-what?”
“My sonic, stupid. te stepped on it!” He picked it up. “Big bumbling buffoon.”
She gave him a cuff round the ears. Though her hand passed right through his head, Christian rubbed his ear. “Abby! What'd te do that for?”
“I didn't hit you!”
“Yes te did, look!” Christian's ear was turning a bright red.
“But that's not possible. My hand passed through you.”
“Not it didn't. If it had, I would have known.”
“CHRISTIAN! Bloody hell, Christian, we are hurtling towards a neutron star!”
Christian cursed quite loudly in French. “Why didn't...
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A mese later, the TARDIS was drifting lazily around the galaxy.
In the kitchen, the Doctor and Amy, as well as Rory, Abby, Charlie, and Christian were sitting around the dining room table.
"I sort of feel bad." the Doctor detto finally.
"Why? te just killed an evil army of Daleks?" Charlie said.
"And a bunch of my computerized friends." the Doctor added sadly.
"Oh, shut up." Amy lightly punched him.
"Anyways." Abby got up from the tavolo and left. Charlie got up to follow her. Amy stood, kissed the Doctor on the cheek (Rory looked pointedly away) and made to follow her daughter and her daughter's...
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Okay, te guys are totally going to lol at this! And maybe cry. But everything will be explained, and I already have the plans for the final chapter in the saga! The titolo is Who Killed Abigail Pond? and te will Amore it!

Leonardo DaVinci stopped behind the Doctor. “Have te ever thought that there's più to life than just running around destroying Daleks?"
“Yes.” The Doctor said. “But that's sitting in a dead spaceship that will soon be nothing at all.”
“Do te have a wife?”
“No.” The Doctor said. “More like a girlfriend recently divorced from her husband, with one kid, about...
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posted by mossheart1235
I guess te could say this is the epilogue to Honeymoons and the prologue to the sequel, but I like to call it INTERMISSION

“So, Felspoon.” Amy walked around the TARDIS to lean against the console successivo to the Doctor. “What's it like?”
“They have mountains that sway in the breeze, can te believe it? Moving mountains!”The Doctor detto excitedly. “This will be even più spectacular though. Since the Felspoonians launch their rockets and things off of the mountains without any kind of navigation put in, they never know where it'll end up! It's brilliant! The perfect way to accidentally...
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I guess I could have gotten this up in time. Oops. *giggles* Anyways, here's the biggie! Enjoy!!

“OI!” Abby yelled. “That's my dad!”
All ten Krots turned. The one with the giant buzzsaw- she guessed he was the leader- blinked his three eyes at her and growled, “The child has come!”
Eight of the Krots bowed to her.. One, the one standing at the Doctor;s head, cleared his throat- at least, he cleared what looked like his throat and gestured towards the Doctor. “Um, brain dissection?”
“Oh right.” The head Krot turned around. Growing desperate, Abby said, “It won't help, te know.”...
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The final chapter! Of the beginning of the series! Thank te all for the reviews! They made me feel so good! So, here it is! The last chapter, but the first part of a new adventure!

“Amy.” The Doctor detto softly.
“Hey.” She smiled weakly down at him. Abigail was bringing the human Doctor and Rose to Torchwood to work with Jack, seeing how they didn't want to stay with the happy family. They felt like they were intruding, no matter how many times the Doctor detto they were not.
“You did come for me.” The Doctor looked slightly confused. “Why? te could've lived with...
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posted by caitie_cool
it is 1995 whilst i layed on my letto thinking i could here this buzzing noise, but i am 7 after all and i have a very creative imagination.

So i closed my eyes for a little and i dozed off. in my dream there was a man. The most strange man. " Hello?" I asked to make sure he was actully there o if he would just dissapear in thin air. " Amy!? Look at you? How old are te now? 21? 25? Your a bit shorter then i thought te would be" this odd man said. " I'm 7 and h-h-how do te know my name?" I stuttered a little bit. "Oh my! te don't know who i am. iI forgot all about that. Okay. Don't miss me...
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posted by caitie_cool
"doctor?" i asked without thinking. "Amy!!!!! how old are you?" he asked me as he stepped out of the tardis. "22. why though?" i replied kind of oddly. "i just needed to make sure i was here at the right time, didn't i?" he said. "I guess. your the one telling me" i answered his question. "well you've grown up with a bit of attitude haven't you?" he complained. "well i'm the one who had to wait 15 years for te to come back" i said. "sorry about that but for me it was only a few seconds" he told me. " whatever. just leave me alone." i complained. "but i'm here to fix that crack in your wall"...
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“She knows what happened!” Abby yelled. “Come on, we have to find that green wire before, I dunno, the PLANET explodes!”

Meanwhile, the Doctor was trying to prevent exactly that.
“Come ON, where are the bloody things?!” The Doctor roared. “I have to prevent this somehow, and it's too hard to find them! They SHOULD be out in the open! WHY ARE THEY TEASING ME LIKE THIS?!?!”

Okay, I know this is EXTREMELY short, but it needs needs NEEDS to go up now, because I'm absolutely positively STUCK. I know exactly how this will end, I know what the Doctor does, heck, I know the point of part 3! Problem it, I don't quite know how to write it. So, here's what I will do. te send me ideas in a PM (private message) and I'll pick a couple of them for the successivo chapter! Oh, and if te can send me cake, I'll tell te what the deal is here. (Like, why everything that's happening is happening.
posted by totaldramafan96
Eleven and Amy fan Fiction <3

This is my first ever fan Fiction and I know I might have taken bits from other people’s fan Fics (I hope its okay with you?) and so yeah enjoy! (:

*The Doctor was at the control of the Tardis, pulling random levers and pressing random buttons, hoping to land somewhere*


“Oh, hello Amy” The Doctor detto with a smile on his face.

“I want to tell te something” Amy said, who was worried

*The Doctor stopped fiddling with the Tardis and turned to Amy, with a serious look on his face*

“What is the matter Pond?

“I had a fight with Rory” Amy said,...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
As they becan to walk down the tunnels none of them knew what they were gonna find. Whether it was the hooded figures o something worse.

"So, River, What happned between Amy and my Ganger?."
"Nothing. She's was just upset about what happened to you. She thinks it's his fault."
"Why don't te think that?." River didn't answer him.
"River?." She stayed silent. She really didn't want to answer that question. The Doctor stopped and turned round so that he was facing her.
"What's wrong? Did he say something to you?."
"No." She couldn't look him in the eyes. What was she suppose to say?. He placed his...
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posted by twilightalice
Verse 1:
te wear your new tweed cappotto and
I’ve got my, miniskirt
We’re heading nowhere
But going somewhere
We’re flying, across the stars

I didn’t know, didn’t know anything…
Oh I don't know, anything...

And I saw you, saw te
Standing there
Under the dark light,
Oh your hair, your hair
And I knew you, knew you
For all those years
Did it make a difference?
Did I drown your fears?
Oh, and I remember your, smile...
I’ll remember you, for a while...

Verse 2:
Every time I see your, stupid face
Oh I, I swear I'll tell you
But it's always about somebody else
You’re always thinking about, something else


Verse 3:
Somewhere we’re having an adventure
And somewhere, I’m sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza at home
Somehow I’ll know the right words
And somehow you’ll, find me

posted by scarxtardis
“Ah, Amy. London, 1706. Isn’t it beautiful?” Say’s The Doctor, gesturing grandly out over the city. “Oh Wow. Doctor, that’s amazing.” I whisper, my red tresses blowing wildly around my face. The snow is falling in tiny flakes around us like the ends of cotton buds. The city below is bright, buzzing, bright. The stars above us are shining, the dark sky exquisite in its beauty. I look at Doctor, and laugh. His hair is sticking up and blowing all over the place. He rolls his eyes and chuckles. “Come along, Pond! We’re going to explore.” I groan. “Whenever we explore, something...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
set during amy and rory's wedding cerimonie

"Rory Williams, do te take Amelia Jessica Pond to be your wife?."

He looked at amy and smiled. "I do."

"Amelia Jessica Pond, do te take Rory Williams to be te husband?."

Amy looked out at everyone in the chruch and smiled at them all. Everyone she knew and loved was there. Her parents, her aunt and all her friends.But inside she couldn't help but think that something was missing.Something so important but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.She looked at her mum and dad. Her mum was in tears at the thought of her little girl getting married and...
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posted by scarxtardis

When I was a little girl I dreamed of time and space. I met a man, this brilliant mad man. His name was the Doctor. He had a craving for apples and spat them out as soon as he tasted them. He wore a raggedy suit and raggedy camicia and he came from a blue overturned police box.

I asked him his real name. He detto didn’t have one.
I called him funny, because he was. Funny and mad. I think he already knew he was mad so I didn't tell him that.


"Am I?" He had said, as if he had never known it before,
"Funny's good. What's your name?"
"Amelia Pond."...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
"River, I think i just found our way out." The 'Doctor' removed the panel to reveal a tunnel, big enough walk through. The 'Doctor' ran over to Amy.
"Amy, wake up." Amy moaned then opened her eyes slowly.
"I though i told te to stay away from me."
"I've found us away out." Amy shot up off the Doctor's chest and ran over to the tunnel.
"Oh my god. River, how did you.."
"It wasn't me." Amy looked over at the 'Doctor' then ran over and gave him a hug.
"Thank you." She let go then ran back over to the Doctor. "Doctor, wake up. We found away out." The Doctor moaned and groaned then opened his eyes.
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posted by nickjonasfan001
The Doctor woke up in a cell, but he wasn't alone. In the cell with him was River and Amy.
"River? River, wake up." River moaned and slowley lifted herself up.
"Where are we?." She asked but the Doctor wasn't paying any attention to her. He was trying to get Amy up.
"Amy? Amy? Wake up." Amy groaned and lifted herself up off the floor.
"Oh my head. Doctor?. I knew te find me." Amy grabbed the Doctor's Suspenders and kissed him gently but passionatly. The Doctor wrapped his arms around Amy's waist then moved them up into her hair. He knew he find her.
"Ok te two, that's enough." The Doctor and...
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