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Fan fiction by nickjonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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set during amy and rory's wedding cerimonie

"Rory Williams, do te take Amelia Jessica Pond to be your wife?."

He looked at amy and smiled. "I do."

"Amelia Jessica Pond, do te take Rory Williams to be te husband?."

Amy looked out at everyone in the chruch and smiled at them all. Everyone she knew and loved was there. Her parents, her aunt and all her friends.But inside she couldn't help but think that something was missing.Something so important but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.She looked at her mum and dad. Her mum was in tears at the thought of her little girl getting married and her dad gave her the thumbs up which made her giggle.She looked round once più and spotted someone walking past the window, it was a women with blonde,curly hair who looked in the window and smiled at amy. Amy ran over and looked out the window but da the time she got there the women was gone.

"Amy?" Rory asked "What's wrong?"
Fan fiction by joejonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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The tardis had just materialised in an old ancient castle. Amy poked her head out of the door looked around a bit and then stepped out

"We've gone all medevil"

Just then the doctor poked his head out of the door

"So we have. Which is really weird because i planned on going somewhere else"


"Well let just say that it wasn't meant to be here but since we are here...."

"Please tell me were not going to have a look around"

"Let's go and have a look around"

Amy couldn't help but smile at the doctor's childlike wonder. She hated him sometimes but that didn't matter. They set of to have a look around when they came to crossroad of tunnels. They were really dark and te couldn't see the end of them and they didn't know what would be down there

"So i guess we're going to be doing the splitting up thing?"

"I'm not sure this time Amy. I don't like the look of those tunnels. We don't know what could be down them. We don't even know who lives here o what lives here"
Fan fiction by nickjonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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As they becan to walk down the tunnels none of them knew what they were gonna find. Whether it was the hooded figures o something worse.

"So, River, What happned between Amy and my Ganger?."
"Nothing. She's was just upset about what happened to you. She thinks it's his fault."
"Why don't te think that?." River didn't answer him.
"River?." She stayed silent. She really didn't want to answer that question. The Doctor stopped and turned round so that he was facing her.
"What's wrong? Did he say something to you?."
"No." She couldn't look him in the eyes. What was she suppose to say?. He placed his hand on the side of her face and rubbed her cheek with his thumb.
"Is there anything te want to tell me?." River looked into his eyes and saw that he really cared.
"No, I'm fine. Promise." He gave her a quick smile then carried on walking. But he couldn't help thinking that she was hiding something from him. That feeling wasn't unusual because River always has something to hide.
Fan fiction by nickjonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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"River, I think i just found our way out." The 'Doctor' removed the panel to reveal a tunnel, big enough walk through. The 'Doctor' ran over to Amy.
"Amy, wake up." Amy moaned then opened her eyes slowly.
"I though i told te to stay away from me."
"I've found us away out." Amy shot up off the Doctor's chest and ran over to the tunnel.
"Oh my god. River, how did you.."
"It wasn't me." Amy looked over at the 'Doctor' then ran over and gave him a hug.
"Thank you." She let go then ran back over to the Doctor. "Doctor, wake up. We found away out." The Doctor moaned and groaned then opened his eyes.
"Amy? Amy!." He shot up off the ground and gave her the biggest hug he ever gave. He looked round and smiled at River then he noticed the other Doctor. He let go of Amy and went over to himself. He examined him, he was exactly like him, down to the bowtie.
"Hello. Amy, why is there two of me?."
"When those hooded things took te away, They placed te into some sort of machine and made a copy of you. You've been out cold for about 5 hours." The Doctor stood there in silence, He couldn't believe what was happening. There was two of him.
Fan fiction by nickjonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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The 'Doctor' woke up in the cell. He looked round and saw Amy lying asleep on The Doctor's chest and found River asleep on his. He looked at River and thought that she is the only person he could trust right now. Amy probably wouldn't even go near him. He stroked River's cheek with his thumb, then he gently lifted her head off his chest and placed it gently on the floor. He then went over to the cell door and scanned it with his sonic screwdriver, which woke up River.
"What are te up to?."
"Trying to get us out of here."
"We've tried, theres no way out of here."
He put his sonicsrewdriver away and rested his head against the bars. River went over and did the exact same thing.
"What are te thinking?." The 'Doctor' looked over at Amy.
"She beautiful. But i can never be him." He points his head towards the Doctor. River grabs a hold of his hand and holds it tight but gentle.
"Listen to me. te are him. te are like him in every way possible it's just that he's her's." The 'Doctor' looks over at Amy then back at River, Looking into her eyes and intwining his fingers with hers. He was right, River is the only person he can trust...
Fan fiction by joejonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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I found this and thought te guys would like it.

“Doctor? Can te hear me? … I know te can hear me. I understand why te have to do this, I mean… I guess I have always known that it was impossible for me to come with you, that the Tardis would not be able to handle the paradox. But a part of me wanted to believe that it was true, that it was possible, because te taught me that everything is possible, as long as te have the will to achieve it, like in the forest of the Byzantium when I was surrounded da angeli and te told me to walk as I could see; o when te told me that I could bring my family back because I was special… all those things, those adventures, the Doctor and Amy Pond. (Pause) Doctor? What happened to us? te told me that I needed to trust te because te don’t always tell me the truth, and I accepted that, I trusted you… I trust you, but te have to tell me why. Why are we doing this? te have to tell her. I have waited for te a long time, everyday for years in my garden, hoping that te would just dropped out of the sky again, and take me with you. And then, I waited for te to save me, to find me when those people took me away....
Fan fiction by nickjonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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"Doctor? Doctor, wake up. Please." The Doctor woke to find himself back in the cell with Amy and River.
"Amy? Where am I?." He pulled himself up of the ground.
"Oh Doctor." Amy gave the tightest hug he ever had in his life. "I'm never gonna let anyone take te away from me. Ever."
"Amy... I.. Can't.."
"Sorry." They gazed into each others eyes and placed their foreheads against each others.
"Doctor, did they do anything to you?."
"I remember being led into a room, they placed me into a machine and i felt pain going through my body. It was the worst thing i've ever felt in my life. I thought it was going to kill me. But the worst thing was, I thought i was never going to see te again.
"Oh, shut up." She pulled him into a kiss.
"What did i tell te two?." They broke apart still gazing into each others eyes. "Now, can we focus on getting out of here?." Just then the three hooded figures appeared in front of the cell.
"Ok, te three if te ever take my husband and hurt him again, I definatly will kick your backside. Understand?."
Fan fiction by nickjonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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"DOCTOR!! te bring him back o i'm gonna kick your backside!."
"Amy, listen to me. The Doctor will be fine. He'll find a way out of this. I know he will."
River went up to Amy and gave her a hug. Amy started to cry into River's shoulder. She just wanted her husband back.
"River, i just want him back, sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza in my arms. What happens if he doesn't come back? What happens if we are stuck here? What if one of us is next?." River took Amy out of the hug,sat her down on the bench in the cell and started to re-scan. Amy looked down at her wedding ring and couldn't help but smile.
"River, how long have te known the doctor?."
"Awhile. Why?."
"Because te seem to know alot più about him then i do and i'm his wife. I see the way te look at him, It seems like you've known him for alot longer then just 'Awhile'." River ignored her, still scanning the wall. She wished Amy would stop asking questions. She couldn't tell her anything because she would tell the Doctor and that would lead to trouble.
Opinion by joejonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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Amy Pond and Gwen Cooper have so much in parallel it’s unbelievable, it’s only just now twigged!

> Amy’s from Scotland, Gwen’s from Wales (albeit, the mostra is set there)
> Also, Amy’s Scottishness and Gwen’s Welshness get brought up quite a bit.
> Amy and Gwen both had a Wedding involving an Alien. (It was also a big plot-thing)
> Amy and Gwen are both BAMFS.
> Amy and Gwen both don’t take their husband’s name when married.
> Amy and Gwen both have a secret thing for the Doctor//Jack, though still Amore their respective partners.
> Amy and Gwen both, in their introduction episode, wore Police outfits.
> Amy and Gwen both deny the existence of aliens in their first episode.
> Karren Gillan and Eve Myles both played other characters in Doctor Who before becoming full-time.
> Karren’s character could see the future, Eve’s character could read minds.
> Amy hasn’t met Jack, and Gwen only spoke to the Doctor once.
Fan fiction by joejonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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As amy looked down at her newborn baby she couldn't help but smile. It had been a long 9 months and she was surprised that the doctor hadn't been annoyed with her because her hormones were out of control. She was always switching moods one minuto she was happy the successivo she was angry but the doctor was still there for her. She was always hungry. The one thing she craved the most was pesce fingers and custard she had no idea that it tasted so good. But there was no denying that the baby was exactly like the father

"Hey" detto the doctor coming through the door.


"How are you?"

"I'm good"

As the doctor came closer he saw the little baby sleeping in amy's arms and he couldn't help but smile

"This is our baby?"

"Yeah who's else would it be?"

"Good point"

"You wanna hold her? ciao come say hi to dad"

[i] As she passed her over to the doctor, the doctor couldn't help but smile. As the baby rested in his arms, the doctor couldn't take his eyes off her. Amy couldn't help but smile while looking at them. It felt right. As amy was about to shut her...
Fan fiction by nickjonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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The Doctor woke up in a cell, but he wasn't alone. In the cell with him was River and Amy.
"River? River, wake up." River moaned and slowley lifted herself up.
"Where are we?." She asked but the Doctor wasn't paying any attention to her. He was trying to get Amy up.
"Amy? Amy? Wake up." Amy groaned and lifted herself up off the floor.
"Oh my head. Doctor?. I knew te find me." Amy grabbed the Doctor's Suspenders and kissed him gently but passionatly. The Doctor wrapped his arms around Amy's waist then moved them up into her hair. He knew he find her.
"Ok te two, that's enough." The Doctor and Amy broke apart and rested their foreheads against each others.
"Amy, I'm sorry. I should have been watching you. I..
"Doctor, shut up." She pulled him into another kiss.
"What did i just tell te two?." They broke apart and started laughing.
"Sorry, River. Ok, Doctor,where are we?." The Doctor took out his sonic cacciavite and started to scan the whole cell.
Fan fiction by nickjonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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The Doctor bent down and picked up Amy's necklace. A tear came to his eye.
"Doctor, What's happend?."
"Someone's took her. Someone took my Amelia. My wife. But they are about to realise, that They've made a BIG mistake." The Doctor ran into the TARDIS and switched on the montor, scanning to see if he could find Amy. River sat on the divano and looked at him, worryingly. She had never seen the Doctor più determind about anything in his life.
"Doctor, She'll be fine."
"I know, But she's my wife. I need to find her." He went round the console pulling all diffrent levers, But he couldn't find anything. He stared blankly at the screen. River could tell da his reaction that nothing came up.
"Doctor, everything will be fine."
"You don't know that. For all we know something terrible could have happened to her. So don't te tell me everything is going to be fine when te know it's not." River stood up and went over to the Doctor and placed her hand on his hand. The Doctor looked down at his hand then up at River.
Fan fiction by nickjonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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"River? What are te doing here?."
"Not even a hello." She moves inoltrare, avanti and tries to baciare him but he moves out of the way.
"River, There's something te should know. Me and Amy, we're kinda...." Just then Amy steps out of the TARDIS still in her wedding dress.
"Doctor what's..... Oh,hi River."
"Hey Amy, How did the wedding go? Is your last name still Pond because i know the Doctor would hate to call te Williams." Amy looked at the Doctor then Back at River.
"You haven't told her yet?."
"Told me what? Doctor?." He looked at Amy who nodded yes to tell him to tell her.
"Amy didn't marry Rory. She married me." He showed her his wedding ring. River looked at him gobbed smacked.
"Well....You'l have your handsfull with this one."
"Amy's not that bad."
"I wasn't taking to you." Amy tried to cover up her laugh. The Doctor looked at River with his annoyed face on.
"Let's get back to buisness. River, what are te doing here?."
Fan fiction by nickjonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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Sequel to "I Remember". Set after the reception

The Doctor carried Amy 'Bridal Style' into the TARDIS. Both still laughing at the fact that when they were about to cut the cake, Amy dunked The Doctor's head into it.

"Your face Doctor! Was priceless!."
"And delicious!." He placed amy down on the sofa successivo to the console while he pullled some levers and tried to decide where to take Amy on their honeymoon.

"Where do te want to go on our honeymoon?."
"Anywhere as long as your with me." The Doctor smiled at her and sat on the sofa successivo to her. He couldn't believe how lucky he was. He had just married Amy Pond. It seemed liked a dream. He took Amy's face in his hands and kissed her gently but passionatly. Amy melted into his arms and she tried to undo his bowtie but couldn't seem to undo it.
"Doctor, why do te where this thing?."
"Because bowties are cool." Just then the TARDIS flung both of them off the sofa and on to the floor.
Fan fiction by joejonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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The Doctor and Amy were sitting on the chair in the console room listening to sounds of the TARDIS. Amy's head was lying on the doctor's chest, listening to his heartbeats, this helped to comfort her, although this time she wasn't listening to his heartbeats this time, she was too focused on what she wanted to tell him. She didn't know how to tell him and she was also scared to tell him because she didn't know how he would react

"Amy is something wrong" he asked "You don't seem yourself, you're really quiet thats not like you, what's wrong?"

Amy didn't know how to answer that question. how was she suppose to tell him the biggest news that any girlfriend could tell her boyfriend? She had to answer him because she knew he wouldn't drop the question.

"Well doctor i need to tell te something and i don't know how to tell you"

"Amy te know that te can tell me annything, i will always be here for te no matter what"

Fan fiction by totaldramafan96 posted più di un anno fa
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Eleven and Amy fan Fiction <3

This is my first ever fan Fiction and I know I might have taken bits from other people’s fan Fics (I hope its okay with you?) and so yeah enjoy! (:

*The Doctor was at the control of the Tardis, pulling random levers and pressing random buttons, hoping to land somewhere*


“Oh, hello Amy” The Doctor detto with a smile on his face.

“I want to tell te something” Amy said, who was worried

*The Doctor stopped fiddling with the Tardis and turned to Amy, with a serious look on his face*

“What is the matter Pond?

“I had a fight with Rory” Amy said, tying not to cry.

*The Doctor hugged Amy*

“What did te two fight about?” The Doctor said, hugging Amy even more.

“*sniff* He thinks I Amore te più than him” detto a tearful Amy.

*The Doctor is hugging Amy più tightly now*
Article by twilightalice posted più di un anno fa
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Verse 1:
te wear your new tweed cappotto and
I’ve got my, miniskirt
We’re heading nowhere
But going somewhere
We’re flying, across the stars

I didn’t know, didn’t know anything…
Oh I don't know, anything...

And I saw you, saw te
Standing there
Under the dark light,
Oh your hair, your hair
And I knew you, knew you
For all those years
Did it make a difference?
Did I drown your fears?
Oh, and I remember your, smile...
I’ll remember you, for a while...

Verse 2:
Every time I see your, stupid face
Oh I, I swear I'll tell you
But it's always about somebody else
You’re always thinking about, something else


Verse 3:
Somewhere we’re having an adventure
And somewhere, I’m sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza at home
Somehow I’ll know the right words
Fan fiction by Tabithaa posted più di un anno fa
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The doctor stepped out of the tardis with a look of anger and worry about his beloverd amy.
"Whoever lays a hand on amy and her child will regret even trying to!!!"
As he broke the silence of the room, he looked to a large tv like screen. Amy was on it, so still and doll like. He remembered why he loved her so badly. Her hair lying perfectly in place. But then he looked over to rory, and remembered he couldn't Amore her.
The doctor wisperd : "I'm coming for you, my amelia pond"
Rory ran up to the screen and started yelling madly and the metal men that had suddenly appeared.
"rory step back! Now!"
Rory refused and the cybermen started coming towards him.
"You test my authority, young rory" Croaked out the taller cyberman.
"H H How do te know my name?"
"classified" And the cyberman gave a large shock to rory's system. They killed him stone dead.

Continued soon!
Fan fiction by joejonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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The doctor was alone in the TARDIS, Amy and Rory had gone to bed. He was just roaming around the console and randomly pulling levers hoping to land somewhere were there was adventures to be had


"Amy, What are te doing up? I thought te were asleep"

"Couldn't get to sleep,I have a lot on my mind"

"Like what?"

Amy remained silent and just stared at the center of the Tardis watching the rotor go up and down

"Amy, te know te can tell me anything and if te need help i'll always be there for te no matter what"

"I know that, your my best friend. I just need to get away from Rory for a while".

"Why? Has something happend between te two?"

"We had a fight and he.... he said... he didn't Amore me anymore"

Amy started to cry. The doctor realising this put is arms around and hugged her to comfort her. Amy relised that her she was getting his camicia wet but she loved it when the doctor hugged her. She could feel both his hearts beating, she found this soothing and comferting".
Fan fiction by nickjonasfan001 posted più di un anno fa
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Occurse after the events of the giorno of the moon.

"Doctor, can i talk to you?"
"Sure te can always talk to me"

amy always felt like she could talk to the doctor about anything

"What do te want to talk about??"

amy was'nt listening, she was fiddling about with the TARDIS

"Amy, are te ok?"

"What? sorry?"

"You ok?"

"Yeah i'm just trying to find a way of putting this."

The doctor looked at her, very puzzled

"Find a way of putting what? i dont understand."

amy started to get butterflys in her tummy

"Ok doctor, i have to tell te something, it has to be now otherwise i'll never tell te and i'll kick myself if i don't."

"Tell me what?? te know te can tell me anything."

"I know i can. te are my best friend in the entire world which is why i'm struggeling to tell te this."
Opinion by ladychazabc posted più di un anno fa
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1) The Doctor kept asking Amy if she was ok and he was so curious about Amy, and why wouldn’t Amy tell Rory at all, even if she though she wasn’t pregnant?!

2) Amy found a foto of herself holding a baby. Yes this is Amy’s baby cause in the foto te see her looking exhausted and she’s wearing one of those apron/cover thingies. Which makes te wonder if the little girl is her and Rory’s child….

3) River detto that the little girl in the spacesuit is human but incredibly strong, maybe a mix of two species? *hint* *hint*

4) About what Amy detto through the device, which Rory and the Doctor heard her say…..

“I Amore you. I know te think it’s him. I know te think it ought to be him. But it’s not. It’s you. And when I see te again, I’m going to tell te properly. Just to see your stupid face. My life was so boring before te just… dropped out of the sky. Just get your stupid face where I can see it, okay?”

Now te saw the Doctor’s face, he froze on the spot. When he heard her say that it was sort of an ‘oh no’ reaction and as if he was remembering her saying that to him before. And...
Fan fiction by mossheart1235 posted più di un anno fa
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Abby was shocked. “W-w-what?”
“My sonic, stupid. te stepped on it!” He picked it up. “Big bumbling buffoon.”
She gave him a cuff round the ears. Though her hand passed right through his head, Christian rubbed his ear. “Abby! What'd te do that for?”
“I didn't hit you!”
“Yes te did, look!” Christian's ear was turning a bright red.
“But that's not possible. My hand passed through you.”
“Not it didn't. If it had, I would have known.”
“CHRISTIAN! Bloody hell, Christian, we are hurtling towards a neutron star!”
Christian cursed quite loudly in French. “Why didn't te stop it?”
“I couldn't! My hand goes right through the console!”
“So, you're trapped in an alternate dimension. So what? What about Dad? o Amy? o Charlie?”
“They're asleep, Chris, and they won't wake up.
Christian jumped up. “That's a problem.”
“I KNOW!!!”
Oh, really, young Time Lord?
Fan fiction by ladychazabc posted più di un anno fa
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"Mmmmmm" Amy detto drowning in the scent of freshley made pancakes

"That smells good what te cooking?" she asked as she walked through the dull halway which led to the kitchen...

"Pancakes the original pancakes, pancake that are from Italia!" he shouted from the kitchen

"Do te want some?" he asked attemting to flip one over on it's side...

"Mmmm yes please" Amy replied grabbing a plate from one of the cupboards

"Doctor look thanks for being there for me for the past couple of days...but i'm fine really" she said

"But Amy I have to be there you're my...friend and te know that I care about te - te don't need to thank me" he replied giving her a small smile

"So do te want to go somewhere today o just stay here?" he asked as he joined her at the cucina table

[i]Amy couldn't help but laugh in the morning when she sat successivo to him o 'payed visits to his bedroom' (decoded that means attempting to baciare him da pretending she had nightmares - before Rory even set footthe TARDIS and when he had no idea who Rory was). She laughs because...
Fan fiction by mossheart1235 posted più di un anno fa
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Okay, so I've made a desicion. After this story- which will be rather short, I believe- I'm going to continue to write about Abby and Christian, as well as the others, HOWEVER all the stories coming up will be quick one-chapter-ers, unless I decide to make one... longer... ENJOY!!

Well, if Abby was in a TARDIS, the least she could do was explore it. She wandered from room to room, looking through libri and at old photos. (A/N: How is she doing this when I just established she's passing through everything? You'll find out!)
When she entered the library, however, she found a bunch of foto scattered around the room. Looking down, she found one at her feet, turned over so the back was visible.
Me and Susan, it read.
And so began Abigail Pond's journey through her father's life.
She flicked through eight incarnations of her father before she saw a picture of a tall, bald, big-eared man on the Titanic. She liked him best. He looked like the adventurer she'd always imagined in his mind.
Fan fiction by ladychazabc posted più di un anno fa
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The Doctor, Amy and Rory all sat around the cucina tavolo eating Cibo that Amy had cooked for them. They were having a good time telling each other hilarious stories about their past.
The Doctor was telling Rory and Amy about a man that he had met once and from which he could tell Amy and Rory found the story rather funny. The Doctor was sitting inbetween Rory
and Amy around the tavolo stil drinking on his juice....

"No he didn't!" Amy laughed taking a sip of wine from her glass

"He did im telling te that's what he detto to me" the Doctor rambled on...

"Well .....what did te say back?" Rory asked

"I detto no you're ok" the Doctor replied

"Should hope so" Amy replied looking at the fact she was staring at the Doctor and he was staring at her....the laughter stopped

[i]Rory swore that she was flirting with him in a certain way and she wasn't trying to make it obvious as if it was a secret way of hinting that she loves the Doctor too. Knowing Rory