Elijah Elijah and Elena??

vampire00diary posted on Dec 12, 2010 at 05:51PM
The Double E's are a pretty sexy duo, huh? Are we gonna get more "Elejah" scenes or do you think the scene from 2x11 was it? You think they'll actually work together some more? Possible hookup? Well probably not a hookup, but who knows? We can hope can't we?

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più di un anno fa onlyMichaela said…
Well, apparently there'll be six seasons of TVD. And this probably means that it'll take a long time before DE happens. Until then, who knows? I think we'll see more of Elijah, and EE will probably have more scenes. At least I hope so. o_o
più di un anno fa vampire00diary said…
Yeah... That's the only thing that sucks about 6 seasons... we have like so much time to get Delena! I just want a damn kiss to happen! LOLZ... I need Elijah to make out with Elena while I'm waiting haha
più di un anno fa lilyZ said…
LOL, that's it!
I need Elijah to make out with Elena while I'm waiting couldn't agree more XD
più di un anno fa vampire00diary said…
big smile
Ok so we all agree. Elijah and Elena should make out. Definitely. *High five*