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Frozen (2013)
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This is just my personal lista :) I didn't include English.

5. French (Anais Delva)
I Amore the French language and Anais has a very beautiful voice, so it's a perfect combination. She has a soft voice compared to most other actresses, but she pulls it off and makes an complessivamente, generale great Elsa.
4. Russian (Anna Buturlina)
She has a really strong voice that fits Elsa nicely, and control too. Her voice is also really smooth, and clear too.
3. Swedish (Annika Herlitz)
Annika's version is sort of lower-pitched than the other ones, but it fits the language and still makes a beautiful song. I like her in the For...
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I'm about to mention some of the reasons why I Amore Queen Elsa so much. Some of te may agree with me, some of te may not.

1. Her Ice Magic
I'm really impressed da the way the creators of Frozen made Elsa's magic, especially during Let it Go. I think the powers are really cool, too. Especially since she can create staircases, castles, dresses, and più out of her magic! Maybe the powers caused a lot of trouble, but they're beautiful. Maybe I Amore it so much because I've always loved winter and snow.

2. Her Appearance
I think Queen Elsa has a beautiful appearance. I would say the creators of Frozen...
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First of all, my preferito character had to have a character similar to mine. They also would have to have some sort of powers.
Believe it o not, I prefer the cold over the heat and Amore snowy, rainy, and cloudy weather. So my preferito character had to have ice and snow powers.
That automatically put Jack Frost on superiore, in alto of my list.

Then again, my personality isn't very much like Jack Frost's. He has più of a fun, and bright personality when I would consider myself a little più serious and calm.

The successivo character on my lista would be Ronin from the movie Epic. He had a similar character that's...
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