Ok. Sweet mamajamma criscrockity Gesù dick.
I've been seeing a few roleplayers here and there(especially on HERE...) that make me want to just... screech and jump out of a window.
Most of te here rp Eridan completely wrong.

First off, THIS is his typing quirk:
"all of her FRAUDULENT MAGICS cannot come close to posin threat to my mastery ovver the TRUEST SCIENCES"

As te can see, on words ending with "ing" he only puts "in".
Ex; Pleading would be pleadin
più obviously, w's and v's are doubled. Hopefully te can gather that.

I feel I MUST enforce this one. Sweet fuck.
If te roleplay Eridan like this:

That's too fuckin bad, landwweller.

It's wrong. No periods, no commas. No nothin.

Third; This is something I saw. Something I really wanted to rant about, but I couldn't.
Eridan does not use emoticons.
He doesn't. He does not. It's not a thing he does.
No "o3o" no "-_-" ABSOLUTELY NO "u3u"
I do not give 10 flying fucks about your personal preference. Eridan is not a kawaii desu teenage girl that's texting on her phone using emoticons.

Fourth; His personality. Please regard his personality. If you're going to rp Eridan, please respect his character.
Eridan is not a pail-crazy idiot that only cares about filling quadrants.
Nope, that's not him.
In all honesty, Eridan is a lonely seadweller looking for someone to be da him.
Being a highblood, he grew up very lonely. He's not a promiscuous man-whore looking for someone to fill a pail with. PLEASE DON'T DEPICT HIM AS SUCH.
There's nothing that rustles my jimmies più than seeing an Eridan roleplayer eager to hope on Sollux's bulge. For Goodness sake, if te like Eridan enough to rp him, give him some dignity!
Another depiction I hate as the perfectly sane moe character that only wants the best for his friends.
**SPOILERS** Uhh... remember when Eridan killed Feferi and Kanaya out of pure jealousy? Yeah.
Eridan is a douchebag. A really big douchebag who has a thing for GENOCIDE and "science".
He has a royalty complex, too. (Keep in mind this is coming from someone whose preferito troll is Eridan. I Amore him, but even I can see this. It's not that hard to see.)
All these traits need to be addressed.

If te are an Eridan Rper that has committed any of the crimes listed above, I Lost all respect for te and presume te have not read the comic, and have no respect for Eridan's character. None. At all.
Thank you.