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Look at me, what’s the situation
Past your flustered face
I see the walls crumbling down
And gradually, dawn is coming

It’s connecting endlessly
Can’t cut it off with this dull blade
So the problem keeps repeating
Like homework that can’t be solved

Fallen in front of a high wall
The small and weak sound of the wind
Gets entangled and turns into a storm
Listen to it

We must break it apart and clash against it
So we can see ourselves
We must shout out loud
So it spreads wide and far
The moment soft lights spread out
And chases away the darkness
We must wake up again
To the new morning

They look at me with...
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posted by Cooniesoo_9912
Stage Name: D.O
Real Name: Do Kyungsoo
Nickname : Heenjabuja , pororo , orchestra boy , pop out eyes
Age: 23
Birthday: January 12 , 1993
Astrological Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: AB
Position: EXO-K's Main Vocalist
Labels: SMEnt.
preferito food: Spaghetti
preferito Number: 1
Jersey Number: 12
Habit: Hums along to song , biting his nails
Attire: Casual
Motto: Be Number One
He was advised to unisciti SMEnt. After winning a local Canto contest . He debuted as the 8 member of EXO . His mother is a hairdresser and a painter father . He studied at Baeseok High . He is a quite person However , he has his time to joke and play around with the other members .
baek hyun
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Boiji annneun neol chajeuryeogo aesseuda
Deulliji annneun neol deureuryeo aesseuda

Boiji anteon ge boigo
Deulliji anteon ge deullyeo
Neo nareul tteonan dwiro naegen eopdeon himi saenggyeosseo

Neul nabakke mollasseotdeon igijeogin naega yeah
Ne mamdo mollajwotdeon musimhan naega
Ireokedo dallajyeotdaneun ge najocha mitgiji anha

Ne sarangeun ireoke gyesok nal umjigyeo

Nan saenggangman hamyeon sesangeul neoro chaeul su isseo eum~
Nunsongi hanaga ne nunmul han bangurinikka

Dan han gaji motaneun geoseun neol naegero oge haneun il
I sseuldeeomneun neungnyeok ijen eobseosseumyeon jokesseo...
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[Tao] Yo!


[Kris] I’m really dangerous right now. I’m just warning te (warning you)
How could te not know? (You don’t know)
[Tao] Please, please don’t provoke me any più (provoke)
I’ve made myself flustered (Ahoh)

[Chen] When te walk closer and closer to me
Even my breath almost stops
[BaekHyun] te just laughed, how weird
Could it be that te think it’s monstrous too
[Chen] I feel my sight being filled with darkness
Especially te looking at me with different expressions
[Xiumin] The sound of your breathing is slowly becoming clearer (oh wait)
[BaekHyun] It almost makes me suffocate,...
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