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5 Things That te Probably Don't Know About Fairy Tail

#5. Natsu's name in Japanese means summer.
----Hiro Mashima likes to Name Characters in his libri after seasons. Haru (in an earier series da Hiro Mashima--Rave Master--) Name means Spring, and Aki (Monster Soul--another series da Hiro Mashima) means autumn, and Shiki means "all four seasons"

#4. The character name "lucy" (Rushi in japanese) didnt come from Hiro Mahsima's mind.
-----Hiro Mashima got Lucy's name from a song called "lucy in the sky with diamonds" da the Beatles

#3. What Natsu looks like RIGHT NOW isn't what he looked like originally.
----Hiro Mashima had some difficulty with figuring out what Natsu's hair would look like, so he had many paper's, JUST on Natsu's hair styles. Natsu was also originally supose to have dragon horns on his head.

#2. Natsu and Lucy Aren't original...
----Natsu and Lucy represent Haru and Ellie in Rave Master...H.M earlier work.

#1. The english voice actor for Natsu is a guild member!
----Todd Haberkorn, the voice of Natsu, has a Fairy Tail guild mark tattooed on his right shoulder (where Natsu's is)

Hope te enjoyed these facts! And there will be più Coming later!!