By: Mariojaco

#5. Freed x Laxus (Fraxus)
--Everyone ships Laxus and Freed with Mira, and i do not agree with that. I think that Mira is better off on her own because she is a strong woman and is better without a man to distract her from helping the guild. Freed created the Thunder God tribe as a group that follows Laxus and has his back. Freed is very loyal to Laxus and i believe he has feelings for him as well. I think that Freed is a great match for Laxus because Laxus has such a firey and mad personality..In the earier episodes (and chapters--manga) Laxus went all crazy because he hated that there were so many weak people in the guild. I think that Freed could be the person that changes Laxus's temper. I think that Laxus should have a relationship with a guy instead of a girl, so that laxus can realize that gender doesn't matter and that te can find Amore for someone, girl o guy. I don't really have a lot to say about how this couple is bad, but i do have one thing to say. If Freed was in a relationship with Laxus the Thunder God Tribe would never be the same again, which would break my heart!

#4. Jellal x Erza (Jerza)
---I kinda don't really fan over this couple, but im throwing this one in, because i know there are a lot of fan of Jerza. I think that Jellal and Erza are a great couple because first of all they were best Friends as kids (and who can't ship past besties?) Jellal offered up his life to save Erza...he even was infected with a little of Zerefs black magic. That proves how much he cares for her, and that hed rather die than see her suffer. When they were about to baciare in that one scene, he lied and told her that he was engaged, so that she wouldnt't get hung up on him and that she'd put her feelings toward helping the guild. He cares about Erza, and would do anything literally ANYTHING to make her life better! Some bad things though are that, when the Tower Of Heaven came into the story, Jellal killed Simon (whom i looooved) i Hoped that Erza would end up with Simon, (and still would if he wasn't dead) So jellal isn't my preferito character...Also i think that Erza is a little too outgoing for Jellal...and he is too stiff for her.

#3. Gray x Juvia (Gruvia)
I hate this pairing. SOOOOOMUCH. Juvia is so annoying and pushy. Gray rejected her so much and she kept going at it like she had a chance. Can't she accpet that shes Lost and be a good looser? Lyon had a crush on her, but on his profilo card in the manga it states "He realized that she had no interest in him and stopped trying to get her to like him" Now THAT'S a good looser. He realized that he Lost and stopped being annoying. But juvia keeps harassing Gray, when she knows that he doesn't like her. i would Amore juvia if she gave up on Gray. she's pretty and nice, she could be so much più if she gave up! *sigh* i guess i have to say something GOOD now.....Gruvia is good because They are a funny couple with Juvia always trying to get grays attention. Grly (Gray x Lyon) for LIFE!! ;D

#2. Gajeel x Levy (Gale)
----This is a great couple because You'd never expect it...with Gajeel so big and strong and Levy..a bookworm thats tiny and weak..I just think that its unique! I never thought that Gajeel would even have feelings for someone! I think that its cute. Even when Gajeel upsets Levy, he still yearns for her Amore and takes every chance to get closer to her. A bad thing is, that Levy might abandon Jet and Droy if she spend all her time with Gajeel! The Shadow Gear team might break up!!!

#1. Natsu x Lucy (Nalu)
--Every Main character needs a relationship....and here te go!!! The perfect main ship is nalu....Natsu is so funny and outgoing, and Lucy is the neat and positive one that wants always shuts Natsu down (but he dont give a damn!) I believe that they are the best couple because although the couple is expected, people are still begging for it to happen! Natsu and Lucy are so different, but they are best Friends and might be more! I can't wait for this ship to happen , iand i just wanna see how they both react to the confession of their love! I think that they are made for each other because of how he brang her to the guild in the first place, so i believe that he feels closest to her, and believes that he is responsible for her...*no bad thing about this couple*

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