Fairy Tail Fairy Tail RP!! (FULL!!)

sieluvzsoul posted on Oct 07, 2013 at 11:54PM
(heres wat u need)
appearance: (body type, hair color of eyes no clothes cuz their suppose to change each time)
age: (can b any age rlly)
power: (minimum is 2)
partners: (u culd mak ur own or team up with the other OCs)
attitude: a perv or sumthing like tht u get it)
crush:(no avoiding it, cuzzins idea, tru otaku lol)
(ya ik its short but ill cum up wit more along da way PLZ JOIN and yes there can b romance in the RP and cussing and pervy moments, i honestly dnt care, SO JOIN!!!!AYE!!!!)
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più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
arie: *pulls down her belly top hiding her fairy tail tattoo whistiling nerviously*
liz: BESIDES *she mumbles the next prt* i lik spark
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più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
fier* looking around his mind*
fier: somethings up
fiers mother (known as claris): son dont go far!
fier: ok mom
*fiers father showed up*
fier: dad?
fiers father( known as chris): SON!
*fier,claris and chris hugs*
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark in real life:she better not)
chris:out of my room spark)
spark in rp:well
a guy in hood steps a few feet away from spark:so your the other half of me ashame youll die
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
voice in lizs mind: IM BAK
liz: *runs around screaming* NOOOOOOO
(sie: seriously
liz in rl wrld: seriously wut
sie: outta my room elizabeth)
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
my name is chris)
spark:thats good she doesnt like fire)
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
fier: ugh ugh where am i?
max: in the reality
fier: how long im out?
max: about 12 hours in your mind
*fier walks around the street a voice inside him said:evil evil evil*
fier: *enters fairy tail*
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: um liz stop plz
liz: *is still running* U HEARD NOTHING SORA!
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:ok so what r u doing
guy in hood :nothing just controling liz
guy pulls off cloak revealing he looks exacly like spark:see since u couldnt control the power it left and that power is me
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
*fier entered silently*
più di un anno fa heart-of_love said…
Sora grabs Liz's arm and pulls her to a stop "calm down Liz what's wrong."
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
fier: *watching them and sam noticed him*
sam: fier? is that you
fier: yeah
*sam sits beside fier*
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: *pulls away and runs into the wall falling bakwards* oh my head, MIGRANE
lucy: uh oh concusion plus migrane
(sie; damn spark jelous much)
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
adventuretime refrence)
spark:ill still take u
otherspark:yeah right
other spark(power) throws spark back with shadows
power:spark your an idiot youran elementor well i mean were
niccaji:jerk and spark your weak
metal chains shoot up at power but go through him
power:idiot im pure power remember
ang:and were screwed
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
fier: *yawn* better do a job
sam: lets get one job
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
arie: heh heh o yah *baks up a bit hoping 2 nt b noticed but tripz bakwards* shit!
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
sam: its getting boring this one *points a one year job*
fier: ill be 14 wen we return
sam: me too
fier: lets do it!
fier: cmon pops
makarov: NO
sam: -.-
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:no i wont give up
sparks runs straight and dodges a shadow comeing at him runs acroos the wall but then is pushed with wind far back
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
fier: fine ill explore
sam: ill come with ya
fier: ok
*sam and fier left the guild and searched for something very cool*
sam: *yawn* fier where are we?
fier: idk
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: sparks g-getting hurt and arie tripped and GAH so painful 2 much 2 much 2much the pain the death the VOICE, *tears fill her eyes* MAK IT STOP *seems 2 b having a hrd time breathing*
power spark: *laughs evily* yes shes breking down shes going 2 die
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
fier: *hand on his forehead* im hearing things man and idk where they came from
sam: your just imaginating
fier:* removes his hand and sigh* maybe your right i need to rest
*sam and fier slept*
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:i wont let u hurt them
sparks eyes show a new color spark
power:how ids he
ang trows a rock at power
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: *stops moving around and breathing closing her eyes slowly then her hand and knees jus drop 2 the floor*
power: 2 l8 shes dead, my job here is done
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
max: -.-
fier:*wakes up* somethings up
*in fiers mind*
fier: this again?
max: yo
fier: max?
max: ye its me
*as the two wandered around they saw spark*
fier: SPARK!
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:your an idiot i wont let u kill the girl i love and get away with it but since u already have killedher noreason to keep u alive ang niccaji out
they both run out
spark:u think taking the elements i could do would leave me helplesswell u were wrong i cant just control them i can create them
power:but how u cant kill me i can bring her back
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: lizzy plz dnt die again!
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
fier* wakes up in suprise and wakes sam*
sam: fier? i saw whats inside your mind
fier: dont have time for games sam
sam: what? im not playing
fier: i tought i saw spark in my dream with max
sam: but fier max is not here
fier: lets go
*as the two walk on sparks and ang`s current position*
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lyon: elizabeth dnt de on us!
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:i tryed to stop u but its too late remember what happened to that spirt girl well this time youll die for sure
spark loos up his eyes bright red
light shoots out everywher squesing the building
spark:well both die
spark throws light arrows all through powers body
ang:shyt run its coming dow
ang and niccaji runs out to the front of the dark arts place
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
*fier runs in not caring if he will die*
sam: FIER
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: *screams in pain while lifting up into mid air as her outfit changes and her hair goes 2 purple and her wings sprout*
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:i wont let u live
ight suround s spark and power many holes in power
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: hey wutz going on with her
liz: MAK IT STOP!!!!!!
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
*fier triggered his hidden magic the freerun*
fier: huff huff *and doges the falling rubble while freerunning* SPARK
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark makes a light cage around power and seals him in it and bringgs it in aand finishs destroying the building
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
*the explosion almost killed fier who was badly injured*
fier: n-not this time
*fiers broken leg bagan to fail him*
sam: FIER *ran up to fier*
fier: run *blood squirting out of his body* i will not see the day
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark in lizs mind:i wont
a force feild surrounds spark and goes to see if fire is ok
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: *lands on the floor then flies away quikly*
lucy: werd she
liz: *appears close 2 the ruins of the building her wings fluttering* SPARK! ANG! NICCAJII ARIE! ANY1 STILL ALIVE *she yells cupping her hands over her mouth so she can b louder* HELLO!!!!!
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 liz: *lands on the floor then flies away quikly* lucy: werd she liz: *appears close 2 the ruins of
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
*fier is near death*
sam: *crying* fier...
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
*fier died in december 15 x723*
sam: fier *wails loud and everyone heard it*
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:come on
spark says rushing by air and picks up fire and sam
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
sam: spark fier is dead
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: *gasps then flys up and hides behind a rock*
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
sam: *crying*
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: *appears flying a couple inches behind sam no one noticing her*
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più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
*fiers eyes start to glow*
fier in a changed voice: one thou shall fall this boy is revived
sam: what?!?!
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: i knew it! heh oops
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
fier: his life will be saved because of his heroic deeds but in exchange of hi memory
sam: ok but he mut be really alive
*a fairy appeared behind fier named anya*
anye: h-hello
sieluvzsoul commented…
(cum on cnt their b 1 of at least 1 thing, i men, CUMON, three 12 yr olds, 2 strange voices, and now 2 faieries, jeez più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
"WAT THE FUK" liz yelled in total anger
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
anya: wut
fier: where am i?
anya: you awake?
fier: ye i am anya yes i am
sam: fier you know her?
fier: fier? i that my name?
sam: yes its your name
fier: *looks at liz* who ar u?