Fairy Tail Fairy Tail RP!! (FULL!!)

sieluvzsoul posted on Oct 07, 2013 at 11:54PM
(heres wat u need)
appearance: (body type, hair color of eyes no clothes cuz their suppose to change each time)
age: (can b any age rlly)
power: (minimum is 2)
partners: (u culd mak ur own or team up with the other OCs)
attitude: a perv or sumthing like tht u get it)
crush:(no avoiding it, cuzzins idea, tru otaku lol)
(ya ik its short but ill cum up wit more along da way PLZ JOIN and yes there can b romance in the RP and cussing and pervy moments, i honestly dnt care, SO JOIN!!!!AYE!!!!)
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark runs up to fier :i challenge u
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(lets jus mak it tht liz is bak k cuz hes skippd 2 much)
liz: *runs in 2 fairy tal after nt being their for lik 2 days* IM PISSED AT ALL OF U BUT I WAS BORED SO WUTZ UP FAIRY TAIL LOSERS
lyon: liz we were begginning 2 think u quit
liz: i mite as well since yall killed my creator noww i dnt hav powers
lucy: hey it was prob 4 ur own good
natsu wispers: and ours
liz: i heard tht natsu damn i wish i culd freeze u 2 death rite now, i wnt my ice fairy magic bak, eh heh *falls flat face*
lucy: sukz we culdnt get u bak 2 ur other self though ur still purple haired and eyed
liz: w8 i heard the word challenge
kani: course she hearrs tht
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:i didnt kill him hes just inside my mind kinda and i challenged fire to a fight
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: wutever spak *sits up*
lucy: hey ang wanna tell liz wut u tld us
arie: *looks at spark then at liz* o shit this otta b good *falls 2 the ground laughing*
tsukune: damn u laugh 2 much
liz: tell me wut? *she asked suspiciously*
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:u tell her i will kill u and u 2 niccaji
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: im nt getting any younger here, wut does he gotta tell me, im getting a bit pised *strts 2 stand up*
gray: *gasps and grabs liz* no u shuld stay down for now
liz: huh?

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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
niccaji: ive already said it once so why not again well spark said he loves liz
spark makes a mix of elements and attacks niccaji
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: huh wutz luv?
lucy: u dnt kno wut luv is
liz: no i wasnt tld about this luv thing
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:who exactly made her
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
every1 looks at lucy
lucy: wat?
loke: is she even ur actual sister
lucy: i uh um.. heh
liz: lucy was created 2
lucy: elizabeth!
romeo: r either of u even human?!!!!!!
lucy: of course
liz: NOT
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark: is there a real liz and lucy
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: ya but who wnts tht idiot im new and improved and cxier 2
liz+lucy: *laughs evily*
gray: damnit whoever made them mustve copied them b4 we killed him
lyon: but since liz was in her fairy form wen we killed him he mustve copied tht prt of her wich is y we hav fairy lizzy instead of blonde lizzy
liz: ha a dumbass figured it out
lucy: well nt yet dear sister they still dunno y we dnt hav their powers
liz: i guess ur rite
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:shouldnt we kill them now
niccaji:now of course
chains trap liz and lucy
ang:are u really that evil inside u because didnt that other version of spark make them
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: hey let me outta here
liz: kill us! y wuld u do tht? dnt u need us 2 lead u 2 wer ur stupid friends r?
loke: theyve got a point
liz: and plz him mak us, plz hes far 2 weak and stupid 2 mak US *laughs*
lyon: ooh if i were u spark: the fact tht came from LIZS mouth wuld ruin me even if it isnt rlly her
gray: ya lik he cares though
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:iwill not listen to anything she says and now tell us where they r
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: nah!
lucy: i dnt feel lik it
natsu: look i rlly wanna burn u alive but u look 2 much lik my girlfriend *stands in front of lucy* now TELL US WER THE FUK R OUR FRIENDS
liz: go fuk urself
gray: ooohh these gurls r pissin me off
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
ang:r they robots
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: HEY!
lucy: ya dumbasses were clones
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
ang:ok so why dont we just make them tell us do they fell pain
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: no we dnt feel anything
kani: hey w8!!!! *walks towards liz*
liz: no dnt do it
kani: but mayb then can feel *grabs lizs boobs*
liz: *closes eyes clenching her fists*
gray: haha its funny how she always does tht 2 the actual liz
lucy: idiot
liz: nt my fault
kani: haha
kani: pleasure gotta luv it
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:ok -_-
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: U fukin idiot
liz: the dark castle wer u had 2 go 2 kill him
both: *strt 2 fade*
lucy: gret now uve done it
liz: im srry *they both dissapear*
gray: aw gret the only 1 who knew how to get there was Zeleana but she follows the real Liz everywer theres no way shes here
lana: ah ah ah never say never
gray: i didnt
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:lets go kill that bast##d
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lana: *laughs nerviously* ok *does sumthing with her hands and her, lyon, gray, natsu, tsukune, ang, niccaji ,arie and spark r in front of the castle*
liz and lucy: *screams*
natsu: was tht the rl liz and lucy
lyon: theres no way 2 tell
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:it might be a trap
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
natsu: 4 lucy id tak tht risk, if u truely luv liz spark ud tak tht risk 2
liz: HELP ME!!! HELP!!!PLZ!!
lana: theyre in a room on the top floor last time i was here
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark jumps up on the side of the building and breaks through the window
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
natsu: hm guess he does care *jumps up*
gray+lyon+tsukune jumps up
lana: *floats up with arie*
(its gonna get confusing k also both lizs r in fairy form)
liz1: spark help they tied us up
liz2: no we tied them up cuz they were trying 2 kill us
both lucys: hey stop confusing him were the rl ones
natsu: o boy!
gray: were screwed
lyon: o god!
arie+lana: *land in* uh oh
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:um wait all of yall try to use your powers
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lucy2: open key of the maiden.... VIRGO
virgo: hello mistress wat can i do 4 u
lucy1: *bites lip*
clones: *jumps up as the chains tighting around liz*
(elizabeth is lizs clone and lucille is lucys clone 4 now k)
elizabeth: fine if u wanna b the heroes here we mite as well jus suffocate ur little friend
liz: *turns blu in the face*
lucy: Liz!
liz: 2 t-tite c-c-c- cant bre-bre-breathe
lucille+elizabeth: *laughs*
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:first i wil kill u then ill kill your creator
spark creates a shadow arrow and throws it at elisabith and his eyes go black
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
elizabeth: no! *dissapears*
lucille: damnit i i cnt move
arie: via me now how does it feel 2 b squished *squeezes her hand causing lucille 2 fall 2 the ground*
lucy: virgo try 2 free my sister
virgo: as u wsh princess *runs towards liz*
lucy: no one can replace me, rite natsu
natsu: rite lucy *throws a ball of fire at lucille causing her 2 burn into flames and leave a pile of blak dust*
liz: *breathing pace is string 2 stop*
virgo: yes mistress
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:i have an idea
spark controls the oxygeon and put it into to liz
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: *breathing pace strts 2 grow stronger*
virgo: got her
liz: *falls sideways into virgos arms* now wat princess
lucy: lye her down
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:is she ok
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Virgo: Liz r u ok
Liz: *coughs and hacks* y-ya
più di un anno fa Day-Cry-Wolf said…
Name? Manic Winter [Also known As Day Cry Wolf]
Age? 17
Looks? (Pic)
Gender? Male
Power? 2
Attitude? Funny But Mostly Serious
Crush? Eh.. juiva.
 Name? Manic Winter [Also known As giorno Cry Wolf] Age? 17 Looks? (Pic) Gender? Male Power? 2 Attit
sieluvzsoul commented…
lol he can lik one of the ocs if u don't want him 2 lik juvia u kno? più di un anno fa
Day-Cry-Wolf commented…
I Know I Was just Thining Of An Name lol I Was gonna Add Before He Knew His Sister He Had A Crush On His Sister But i Thought That Would Be Werid Kinda. più di un anno fa
Day-Cry-Wolf commented…
Aye! più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:thank god lets go kill that bast##d who made the clones
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Liz: I thot he was already dead, *coughs* who brot him bak
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:ok who exactly created them
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Liz: what wasn't it the other u? U know the one who was controlling my every fuking move
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:yeah i think so
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Liz: well then kill urself
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:no im not comitting suicide i finally can kinda control my powers just 1 thing if something goes wrong i could stay evil if it happens when im using a dark element
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:yeah so its a very big risk
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Liz: good 2 know!
Lana: yo dumbasses
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Lana: bffs 4ever, rite *dust appears in her palm* Elizabeth *blows it at Liz making her fall 2 the side*
Arie: my turn *lifts hand up as Liz floats up* invisible chains
Lucy: no!
Arie: activate
Liz: *screams*
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
spark:what exactly did i just say
shadows spread from under his feet and cover the entire place arrows raise from the floor and sparks eyes go black
più di un anno fa tigerfinn said…
fier: ....
gray: *goes out the room beaten up* o-ow
fier: *beggining to worry* hmmm
gray: *getting more suspicius* somethings up with him i need to find that out