Fall Out Boy What do te think?

LOVEforPATRICK posted on May 08, 2007 at 07:17PM
who lovessssssss Patrick???
I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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più di un anno fa iheartadam2 said…
I love PAtrick and Pete Wentz! PAtrick's voice is AMAZING!
più di un anno fa FOBloveaddict14 said…
big smile
Pete is stupid. I hate Pete. Every little girl my age who likes even one song by Fall Out Boy and happens to be emo-ish think Pete's the best damn thing to ever happen. Well I for one think PATRICK's the best damn thing to ever happen:D His voice, his guitar skills can totally own, did I mention his voice? Ah yess. he can also do a mean Peter Griffin impression, he's SUPER-YUMMY. he can act 'cause I sw him on Law & Order. He writes all the guitar and bass peices for Fall Out Boy and he even finds time to write some lyrics here an' there too like Grand Theft Autumn and Sugar, We're Goin Down which he wrote IN UNDER TEN MINUTES. Patrick also produces albums for other bands and produces his own band's albums using garage band. He's really smart. He's sweet and shy and caring and sensitive but can be rly funny in interviews. Bottom line, Patrick PWNS!!! Pete justs fronts for the band with almost no talent. Sure, he writes good lyrics, but...his bass skills rly are quite poor and he's got a big head above all else. PATRICK, PATRICK, YAY FOR PATRICK!!!!!