In fact, many of the 360 version's Achievements will be about acquiring these different titles as te progress - getting all the Achievements is almost impossible in just one playthrough, particularly due to the nature of quests in Fallout 3.

ALMOST impossible? te mean like "it will be very hard to become the head of all Oblivion guilds" right? Anyway, the articolo insists that the game will be loaded with choices & consequences, branching quests, and other role-playing goodness, but, sadly, no examples are given. Considering Bethesda's fondness to make shit up in order to sell più copies, caution would be strongly advised.

Let's now go line-by-line over più specific gameplay observations:

The sign above the gate reads: "Megaton." ... A massive undetonated bomb sits in the crater at the center of town, apparently the settlement's namesake. Some insane religious zealot kneels at its base, espousing the bomb as a miraculous sign from God. te push past him and head to the bar. ... Inside Moriarty's Bar te spy an imperturbable businessman, Mister Burke. He'd like to get rid of Megaton - something about "a blight on the burgeoning urban landscape." He's got a fusion pulse charge that could arm the live and ticking bomb at the center of town. te take the charge and head back outside. ... "It's about time," Mister Burke says, and hands te the detonator. In the distance, te can see the town. There's no turning back after this. The money's not really that good, now that te think about it. te press the button anyway...