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What is one wacky theory te have about the show?

I believe they hate Meg because she was the unwanted child out of wedlock. They reveal her real father's name is Stan Thompson. So, Meg becomes the family punching bag because she doesn't share full blood with the family.
I have some theories about Cleveland Jr. Remember in earlier seasons when he was hyperactive and uncontrollable? I believe Cleveland was put on an unnecessarily high dose of Ritalin o a similar drug making him lethargic lazy and fat.

What are some theories te have about the show?
 lananoel posted ·6 mesi fa
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PickleRick95 said:
Due to such things like all the unrealistic stuff that happens in the show, characters dying then reappearing, defying the laws of physics ect, a possible theory could be that Peter Griffin is actually in a coma.
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posted ·5 mesi fa 
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