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chase0000009 posted on Aug 16, 2011 at 09:29PM
This fourmis about your favorite and least favorite griffin member. Which is Peter,Lois,Brian,Stewie,Chris,Meg.
For me my favorite is Stewie and least favorite is Brian. This is my order:


1. Stewie

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più di un anno fa DarkWolf11 said…
1. Brian
2. Stewie
3. Meg
4. Lois
5. Peter
6. Chris
più di un anno fa Yuarin said…
1. Stewie
2. Brian
3. Lois
4. Peter
5. Meg
6. Chris
più di un anno fa inkaschild said…
My favorite is Stewie and my least favorite is Meg x
più di un anno fa glelsey said…
I don't dislike any of the Griffins but I like some more than others. My overall order is probably...

1. Brian (in earlier seasons anyway!)
2. Stewie
3. Meg
4. Peter
5. Chris
6. Lois

Maybe. I'm warming up to Meg, and like I said I don't like what they've done with Brian's character "development" later in the series, but I still love him in the old episodes. :) Chris and Lois are definitely my bottom two, but they still have their good moments!
più di un anno fa Mingsunchao1824 said…
Most Favorites: Peter, Stewie, Meg and Chris.
Least Favorite: Lois and Brian.