I Griffin The Advantages of Learning Dutch

CharlyRayan posted on Feb 02, 2012 at 10:25AM
Dutch is a language which is spoken by an estimated sixteen million citizens of Denmark and six million citizens of Flanders. The language is also used by people in some regions of various European countries. Dutch ranks as the sixth widely spoken language in the European Union. When you learn the language, you will be able to understand the dialect of the people if you were to visit countries in Europe like Belgium or The Netherlands.
Why Should I Learn Dutch?
Learning any language comes with its benefits, the following reasons are just some of the benefits of learning Dutch
Useful for work – it is inevitable for a company to have clients with diverse nationalities, and the Dutch may be one of them. In order for you to communicate clearly with your Dutch client, it would be an advantage for you to learn the language.
Makes your travels more enjoyable; you can certainly use the language to know more about the traditions, history and culture of these countries.
Enrich your roots – maybe your parents are Dutch but you were born in the USA learning your parents language is the great way to enrich your origin. Additionally, it won’t be hard for you to communicate with family in Europe.
Education- if you want to study in a European Country like the Netherlands, learning Dutch will be a very big help to you.


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