"up successivo is... Raichel," detto Mr.Mufflin. the class cheered. "ahem,thank you. my segnala is on life. life can be hard. it can be like a fat ugly, prison mate FUCKING te from behind with no warning. we can make our lives a little less of an OH SHIT!!!! and our lives a little più oooh,shit," detto raichel. "are te a boy o a girl?" asked fankylechum. Raichel shot him with a dart, knocking him out. the whole class screamed, while finn,fanboy,and chum chum were laughing. "lesson one, stupid people get their culo knocked out. moving on. we can all accept the fact that we're allowed to say the C word. let's all say it. CUN-" "that's enough Raichel!" detto mr. mufflin. "but there's another part of my report. we were gonna play with KNIVES!!!"