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 This is me, as I appear today
This is me, as I appear today
Many of my soapboxes focus on me, myself and I. Some of te may not enjoy it. Others may find it repetitive. To you, I say, P*** Off. Its cheaper than therapy.

Todays Soapbox contains a little life story:

Be careful of the way te treat others- it could be harmful.

Let me elaborate...

I work as a volunteer youth leader in a small community. We meet every 2nd Friday in a local GAA (Gaelic Athletics Association)hall. The club runs for any 12-18 anno olds attending secondary school that are living in the surrounding area.

I came up through the ranks of this austere association. I started at 12 as a...
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i decided to tell te guys a bit about me and hopefully we can all become friends.

name;shailee robertson

age; 13 in anno 7

looks; i have curly brown hair and greenish brownish eyes, im tan, 153 cm tall well last time i checked i was, im farely skinny but not super skinny and one più thing i have small hands and feet

personality; im kind, great friend, loyal, sometimes Ribelle - The Brave depends on what for, im quite smart( in smart class at school, shy when it comes to a big group of people

likes; i Amore school, harry potter, percy jackson, i Amore to read and write, i like playing calcio and i Amore fanpop

dislikes; people who are bossy, the cold, rain, maths

other; i ahve a litle broher, i live in austtralia, i Amore animali especially Cani and guinea pigs

current Pottermore status; havent received my welcome email yet
 my guinea pig squek
my guinea pig squek
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