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This part of my link details how te can format text in your postings on Fanpop, and the articolo was last edited (to fix typographical errors) on 17 July 2013.

Those of te who have written soapbox articoli before may have seen the guide that fanpop provides for formatting text. But maybe you've never written a soapbox articolo o never noticed the key, and have been wondering how some users manage to make their text più interesting. With these tags, te can:
* boldface your text
* put your text in italics
* underline your text
* have your text point to a different url link

Soapbox authors can also use tag to embed pictures into the bodies of their articles. But what not many users realize is that all of these tag - with the exception of the image embedding - can be used in other places on Fanpop.

If te are familiar with hypertext markup language (HTML), the tag will seem pretty familiar to you. Let's assume for a moment that you're not familiar with HTML tags, though.

In order to format any of the text te type on Fanpop, te need to include a start tag at the beginning of the text te want to look different, and then put a close tag at the end of the text te want to look that way.

For example, in regular HTML, there is a thing called the "blink" tag (which is very annoying and should never be used in a serious web page - I offer it here only as an example). Simply put, any text marked with a blink tag (in normal HTML) will blink on and off, like a fluorescent light when the power is first applied. In HTML and the fanpop markup tag alike, te apply tag like this:

1) te type a special symbol to indicate to the system that a tag is starting. In HTML, this tag is the < o "bracket" symbol. On Fanpop, it is the [ o "square bracket" symbol.

2) Then te type the name of the tag. In our example, the word "blink" is the name of the blink tag. On Fanpop, te have the following basic tags:


3) After the name of the tag, te insert the opposite bracket symbol: > in HTML, ] on Fanpop.

These tag indicate where the formatting should start, so te place it to the left of the first word te want formatted in that way.

Thus, the text <blink> in an HTML file would indicate where the text should start blinking. But now that you've put in the start tag, how do te put in the end tag, which tells the system where to stop that text formatting? Like this:

A) te type the same sort of bracket: < in HTML, [ on Fanpop.

B) te indicate that the tag is a close tag da using the inoltrare, avanti Slash key: /

C) te insert the name of the tag just like in the start tag.

D) te close with the opposite bracket: > in HTML, ] on Fanpop.

The close tag should come immediately after the text te want to format, so that the start tag and close tag enclose the text te want to format.

If te wanted the text to say "This is blinking!" in HTML, for instance, te would write:

<blink>This is blinking!</blink>

If te want to write an explanation of your low rating on a picture ("Sorry, but this pic is really dull!"), te could write it like this:

Sorry, but this pic is [i]really dull[/i]!

...which would look like this:
Sorry, but this pic is really dull!

o te could write it like this:

Sorry, but this pic is [u]really[/u] [b]dull[/b]!

...which would look like this:
Sorry, but this pic is really dull!

Those are what I call the three "basic" text formatting tags:

But, as I mentioned earlier, te can also embed URLs into your text. The tag name is "url", and the tag work the same way, except that te also need to provide the actual url of the site to which te want to link. te then put this link in the start tag with an "equals" sign. The close tag is unaffected.

For example, if te wanted to link to the Neverending Story forum game on Fanpop, te would take the link link and put it in the start tag, to read like this:
[url=], then type the text te wanted to be that link, then the close tag: [/url]. In that way, te could write something about link and continue on without cluttering up the post with a long URL.

People know that they can click on links, and will do so if they're curious. Note to users seeing these hyperlinks, though: if te have any reason to be suspicious of a link that someone has posted, most browsers will let te see the url without clicking on the link, but just hovering the topo, mouse cursor over the link. Then te can read the url and judge whether it feels sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza o not. Some links ( are going to seem suspect, and so te shouldn't click on them.

Three things of interest for placing these links on Fanpop:

i) The url should be absolute. This means that te should include the link at the beginning. This may not be necessary for all browsers, but it is good practice for people using older browsers, who would be unable to resolve a link like "" over ""

ii) In case it isn't obvious, the url can be any URL, not just a fanpop one. That way, te can point to link.

iii) If te want to reference a particular passage from a particular thread of a particular forum, te can link to the dato page of that forum. For instance, te could point to link, which is just the superiore, in alto page of that forum, leaving the user to read through multiple pages to get at the end o any page in between, o te could point to link, if te wanted to reference, say, link's mention of Mrs. Doubtfire (or anything else on that page).

The way te do it is simple: just insert /, then the number of the page, then a # and then "comments" after the url of the base forum thread. In the example above, we started with link's movie titles game: link.
Then, to point to page 4 of the thread, we added /4#comments to the end of that, making link as the url to point to page four of that thread.

Finally, I should note that, if te don't want to substitute text for some obscure URL, te can still just type the URL, and fanpop will recognize it as an url and will format that text for te as a link (see the link and www, above: a link that points nowhere - my apologies to any users who actually clicked on that!)

All this is well and good, but where can te use these tag on Fanpop? The most obvious place is in soapbox articoli like this one. But, te can also use these tag in any commento box on the site, which includes forum thread postings, responses to forum threads, and commenti on videos, links, images, picks, and articles. Basically, if the content is already there and te want to post a comment, te can do it with tags.

te can't use these tag in the titles o descriptions of anything te add to Fanpop: links, articles, videos, images, domande o their picks. Basically, if te are adding content to the site, te cannot format the name o the descrizione of the content with tags. te can take some comfort in the fact that te can immediately commento on your addition, and in that commento te can use tags, though.

So, now te know how to format your text to be più interesting, and carry greater emphasis than just putting *asterisks around words*! But realize that too much emphasis can quickly get to be annoying, much like the <blink> tag I mentioned earlier: use that on an HTML page these days, and te will get pilloried. Much like TYPING IN ALL trofei FOR EXTENDED PERIODS, using too much boldface, italics o underlining only annoys people, so use these items with moderation. Two final things to keep in mind:

a) Remember to always use a close tag to stop whatever text formatting te start (if te don't, the entire contents of your posting will be formatted for emphasis after the start tag)


b) Try to stick to a conservative ratio of emphatic o formatted text to regular text, like no più than 10% of what te write should be formatted as bold/italic/underlined, o linked to a different URL. Doing otherwise will likely get te reported da your fellow fanpop users.

With all that said, enjoy!


Here's links to other parts of the guide for your quick reference:

* link

* 1: link

* 2: link.

* 3: link

* 4: Picks: this is the generic name both for the sondaggio domande that te see on the site and for the risposte te can pick to that question. Papa has created a link.

* 5: link

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* 7: link

te may also want to see:

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I ask this because one of my preferito club is the "Animated Shorts" club. I visit it nearly everyday and post lots of video and stuff on it. The club has only 29 fans.

I did receive a green medal for "The Simpsons" club, because I visit that place a lot as well and I answer all the questions. That club has 34623 fans.

What I'm saying is, How exactly does the medal system work? I Amore the Animated Shorts club as much as the Simpsons club, if not more. Is it something I've done o haven't done o is it to do with the club?

I'm not being mean, I'm just asking.
As usual I'm not delusional enough to think that I can prevent spam- of course not!
But I get so tired of seeing the same things over and over in my aggiornamenti and then typing the same stuff over and over. Also people dont seem to grasp the use of parole chiavi so maybe this will help some in that respect,too.

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When I first clicked onto Fanpop, I felt like something was a little different. It wasn't like MySpace o YouTube (not that I have anything against the people who use them), where I normally get the feeling that people I don't know are looking at my profile. I felt like I could message the users on here and not get a rude o creepy message back. I could comment, rate, and make picks without anyone (besides the occasional bad-mannered user) commenting on my own opinions. I could add things and feel really great when someone else gave me props o commentato on how thankful they were for that item. And, I am so glad that fanpop has stayed this way! I feel so comfortable on here and only know 4 other fanpoppers in real life. I just wanted to compliment all of the wonderful users on how great they are on making this an awesome site to be on! te are all part of the reason I am now very addicted to Fanpop!
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