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 Picture Perfect berretto, tappo
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picture perfect
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 Yep, they do!
Yep, they do!
As a rule, I wouldn't make a big deal about this, but it has been bothering me for a long time. I understand the importance of correct grammar, spelling, and the use of the proper punctuation, and what I am about to say has nothing to do with this. I also understand having an opinion that differs with another person, but when somebody makes a pick o writes a commento it takes time and effort to do so. What bothers me is when people leave mean commenti about how either their domanda is stupid o even how stupid the person is for making a pick. The reason we unisciti spots and make picks is because...
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I ask this because one of my preferito club is the "Animated Shorts" club. I visit it nearly everyday and post lots of video and stuff on it. The club has only 29 fans.

I did receive a green medal for "The Simpsons" club, because I visit that place a lot as well and I answer all the questions. That club has 34623 fans.

What I'm saying is, How exactly does the medal system work? I Amore the Animated Shorts club as much as the Simpsons club, if not more. Is it something I've done o haven't done o is it to do with the club?

I'm not being mean, I'm just asking.
As usual I'm not delusional enough to think that I can prevent spam- of course not!
But I get so tired of seeing the same things over and over in my aggiornamenti and then typing the same stuff over and over. Also people dont seem to grasp the use of parole chiavi so maybe this will help some in that respect,too.

Now I know the searchbar is scary! I saw it for the first time myself when I was a new user and was reluctant to try it. Who knows what might happen when te click that cerca button!?! But one giorno I summoned all my courage I tried and it didn't hurt. Now there was a surprise! Back then there was...
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posted by sunsweetheart39
When I first clicked onto Fanpop, I felt like something was a little different. It wasn't like MySpace o YouTube (not that I have anything against the people who use them), where I normally get the feeling that people I don't know are looking at my profile. I felt like I could message the users on here and not get a rude o creepy message back. I could comment, rate, and make picks without anyone (besides the occasional bad-mannered user) commenting on my own opinions. I could add things and feel really great when someone else gave me props o commentato on how thankful they were for that item. And, I am so glad that fanpop has stayed this way! I feel so comfortable on here and only know 4 other fanpoppers in real life. I just wanted to compliment all of the wonderful users on how great they are on making this an awesome site to be on! te are all part of the reason I am now very addicted to Fanpop!
 My home Away From home
My Home Away From Home
posted by Temptasia
Now, I Amore props as much (or more) than the successivo person and when I go to my page and see that someone has dato me a omaggio I am in a happy little bubble for the rest of the day. I think this is a wonderful feature so that people can be recognized for their outstanding work. However, there is a etiquette that goes along with giving props. Props are something te should give if te feel that a person has contributed something funny, substantial, unique, outstanding, o just plain awesome in your eyes. They are essentially a reward for hard work that te have done. They are like a virtual high...
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My preferito Story From The Set Of DALLAS BUYER'S CLUB da Michael O'Neill as Richard Barkley via linkMore video interviews at link
matthew mcconaughey
michael o’neill
dallas buyers club
Jared Leto
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 dont' leave
dont' leave
Have te noticed that people on this site add lots and lots of things and gain load's of fan then out of nowhere are never adding again o only add now and then. Look through your fan lista and see who is still adding and praise them for there loyalty and praise even più o even omaggio them for their work, they all deserve it.

da the way this is my first soapbox
 what it says above
what it says above
Ok, there has been a growing problem that I have recently noticed on Fanpop. I have been receiving many e-mails that are very annoying and sometimes even offending. I don't care if te are having a problem with another fanpopper o te are telling me about a new spot. The fun part about fanpop is that te get to discover new spots for yourself. And we might not like the certain spot. Also, if te are having a problem with another fanpoper than just ignore them and don't tell us about that certain person.i don't want to here it. I might even be Friends with that specific fanpoper. If te are...
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