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 Cinco de Mayo 2012 berretto, tappo
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cinco de mayo
berretto, tappo
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I am here to talk about the "report" button. It seems not many of us know of this button when it comes to videos, links etc and would rather just say "it doesn't work *cry*", so here is a step da step of what to do.

1. If the video te are trying to watch is not working and does not say "video broken o no longer here" click on the title. This will bring te to the page where the video first came from.

2. If the video definately does not work click the little flag.

3. Once you've clicked it there will be an assortment of options to choose from. Choose wisely though and appropriately....
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This section of my fanpop User's Guide covers links, the lifeblood of Fanpop, and was last substantively edited on 4 June 2013.

So, you've registered on the site and now te want to add some content to your preferito spots. The vast majority of the stuff on fanpop is in the form of links which point to content in other places, whether they are articles, galleries, videos, games, o any other sort of content te can find online.

Check before te add!
Any time that te are about to add content to Fanpop, te should check first to make sure that the content isn't already linked from the site (at least...
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As the 'Answers' section keeps getting clogged up with più and più spam and miscategorized content I feel the need to introduce te all to a part of fanpop that would solve so many problems if only people would use it.

What are Forums? The forum are for use of discussions. Things that may not have a few solid risposte (use picks for that). Where te can create long winded discussions.

Why should I use the forum and not post all my useless domande in Answers? Because risposte is where te are asking a domanda that would have a factual answer to that te do not know.

Technically speaking what...
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posted by RichTheWriter
It's not often te see me write an article, but I felt this had to be done.

During my time here, I have noticed that there have been people trying to pose as certain celebrities, e.g. Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, even Justin Bieber, and no one knows just who the real ones are. Well, I'm afraid to tell te all this, but I feel I have to. If te don't want to read what I'm saying now, go to another page and look at something else.


I've looked over many different profiles of people who claim to be a certain celebrity, and I've happened to notice that a lot...
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I'm human, and it's part of the human condition to avoid change. So I admit I get a little irritated when stuff on fanpop changes. I still haven't got used to the differences between the cerca bars on the site, for instance - every giorno I scratch my head, wondering why I get no results when I look for "Fanpop Users", until I realize that I was looking within the link instead of through the whole site (someday I'll get used to this.
 I hate it when this crap happens
I hate it when this crap happens
Someday soon, I hope, as I was one of the users who requested the feature!). Similarly, back in August 2008, I found myself...
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First of all, I would like to ask why people keep giving Kathiria82 a hard time? None of te have any reason to keep hating on her. she is a nice person and cares about everyone. I think she deserves to be treated just as nicely as everyone else does, especially when she has made the all around most contributions on Fanpop. people keep going to her spot to say how its not fair that she has a spot. It is fair. There are spots for people on fanpop that no one has ever even heard of and if they can keep theirs, Kathiria82 sure as h*ll can. She has postato nearly 3,000 links, over 5,200 videos,...
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posted by Jonapello23
Ok, everyone has bad days. They are inevitable. But I seem to think that I have a lot of bad days. I don't enjoy them, but some(or most) of them are probably my fault. This is a typical bad day. Oh, and there is a point to the story so read the whole thing.

A typical bad giorno can start off like any other day. te wake up and te go through your regular morning routine. But something is different. For example, te spilled toothpaste all over your brand new camicia that te were really proud of. o te cut yourself shaving. Nothing major, just a small accident. So te change your camicia and bandage...
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we have a project at school and it's about making short films. and this is the trailer of our movie, and the trailer that gets the most visualizzazioni gets a point added in the final grade. so please, please, watch our trailer. THANK te VERY MUCH!
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Picks are a way to state your opinion, o just find out what other people think. te might post a pick to find a new icon, o other's preferito foods. I like the way te can sometimes add a choice, which makes your opinion different.
Picks may also work as a school project: Example:Question: do te have a brother/sister? Project: take a survey and see how many people have a brother o sister.
Picks are a way to state an opinion without starting an argument, o sometimes they are not to state an opinion.
Adding immagini to picks is fun,too. some immagini are goofy, others can really fit in. It is creative to add images, and some times important, such as if te ask, "who's cuter?" you'll need to put immagini on the pick.
I like picks becuase they really are a way to state your opinion. They are a reminder that everyone has an opinion.
And that is why I Amore picks.
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Livejournal can be quite confusing for people who don't use it, so here's a short guide including the most important things te have to think of when crediting icone from livejournal.

Why do I even have to credit?
You won't go to jail if te don't, but...
1.)People spend quite some time making icone and crediting them is a sign of respect
Think about how te would feel if te made some icone and suddenly you'd find them on some other site without your name mentioned anywhere.
2.)So te repost some pretty icone from livejournal, another fanpopper sees them and wants to see più icone from the person...
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