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posted by monLOVEbrucas
Merry Natale Nat, You're head is going to get più bigger after te read this!!! LY!!

The first time I met Nat was on the GGSW thread...The first time I talked to her I was having an existencial crisis because of a guy (LAME ale haha) and since she was the only person there I decided to trust on that random stranger who crushed in the forum. I guess the first thing I though was that Nat was person I could trust something so important like that. She gave great advices and that made me start to apreaciate her a lot. She helped me even when my real life Friends didnt (they were tired of my...
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Here's one of your Natale gifts, Lauren! What some of the GGFTers have to say about te :)


Lauren is just amazing. She was one of the first girls I met on the GGFT and I've never seen her being anything but sweet and welcoming to everyone there. She's also very easy to talk to and very funny. She always makes me laugh, even when I'm depressed and I Amore her for that.
Of course, she's downright crazy, and sometimes te can tell she's definitely high on something, but I Amore her anyway.
Oh.. and she's a Sophia cespuglio, bush fan, just that fact makes her AWESOME!! =)


"The first thing I noticed...
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A/N: ciao guys, this is part 1 of my gift to Sara, and the 2nd part will be up in short hours since today it's Christmas. I had this written a while ago, but I decided to re-write it and write another part as a gift to Sara. So here it goes *.*


Chuck finally detto I Amore you, he just came to me in the middle of the strada, via and detto it, he even had gifts and everything; it was romantic and sweet, maybe even a little funny, but he came trough and made my dream come true. I thought it was absolutely over when Serena told me he knew Nate and I had broken up on Prom Night and he detto he couldn’t...
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posted by LoveLiesAndLust
2x01 Summer, Kind of Wonderful

As the summer draws to a close in the Hamptons, Serena and Nate have everyone fooled into thinking they are a couple to cover up the fact that Nate has been hooking up with a married older woman and Serena has been secretly mourning her break-up with Dan. Blair returns from abroad with a hot guy on her arm, making a very jealous Chuck domanda his decision to leave Blair stranded at the heliport. Dan has spent the summer assisting a famous author, but decides to head to the Hamptons to see how things stand with Serena after a summer spent apart. While interning...
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I'm Scrivere you're articolo too! YAYYYY! ANYWHO, here are the opinions from Mon, Cintia, Nat, Nazire and I. (:


When i first met ale, truthfully i judged her because she was a leyton fan, and me being a big Brucas fan, it was in my blood to hate her, but than i got to know her, and realised shes not like other lpers, shes actually nice!!
We have nothing in common, i Amore derena she loves denessa, i Amore brucas, she loves leyton, yet it seems that we still are able to get along? play games, have fun and speak sex (lol) so that is proof that te dont need to have things in common with people...
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TADA! te probs already knew I was already Scrivere your article, but anyway, HERE IT IS! (:

With opinions from Lauren, Mon, Nazire, Nat, and moi. I couldn't get a hold of ale in the past two o three days, but when she does PM me with her opinion I'll add it on, and let te know {EDIT: She just PM'ed me! I added it on!}. MERRY CHRISTMAS, BABE!


When I first met Cintia I thought she was a really mature and down-to-earth girl.

I'm very glad she came to the GGFT, and although she doesn't share my Amore for Ed Westwick, I still Amore her to death!

If the thread were to lose Cintia I don't think...
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MERRY (late) CHRISTMAS, BT! Here's the articolo that was promised for te with opinions from myself, Margot, Nat, Carrie, Bia, Allegra, and Cintia.

Lauren: BT, I don't even know where to start. I Amore te so much! I feel like I've known te for years. I tell te things that I don't even tell my closest friends. I trust te 100% and that's not something I can say about a lot of people. When I first met te I was amazed at how much we had in common! Not only do we like almost all of the same things, but a lot of things going on in our lives are very similar! If te were to leave the thread o Fanpop...
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posted by cintia_cs
One più really late articolo :)


Oh Carrie! Carrie is super awesome, she's so sweet, outgoing and I don't think she had any problems mostrare her real self. We first started talking about things we liked in common, and then things turned a bit più personal and that's how we got comfortable talking to each other; let me tell te this girl is also one CRAZY BITCH, a bit like me! I Amore talking to her about GG, her life, Brandon... with Brandon comes sex ;P. LMAO. I know she might not be perfect, but none of us are and that's what makes us, GGFT-ers, so damn COOL! Amore ya <3


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