L'arachel is the ditzy young girl eirika meets with in the course of her travels L'Arachel is consistintly followed da the loyal and jolly Dozla and Rennac who just wants a bit of money. Though L'Arachel won't give it to him.

te see L'Arachel a few times in the game prior to becoming an avialible unit including trying to get to one country but goes the wrong way and ends up in another.


It is revealed that L'Arachel is not a traveller as first was thought but actually the princess of the theocracy of rausten. L'Arachel can get married with some other units in their endings and becomes queen.

L'Arachel starts as a low level troubador. not desirable for this stage in the game tower skirmishes are recommended so when she finnaly gets the chance to promote l'Arachel becomes a very helpful unit.