Frank Iero TWINS!!

mcrluv122996 posted on Oct 03, 2010 at 04:56PM
does anyone know the names of the amazing little girls? any pics? anything?

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più di un anno fa twilight0girl said…
Im not sure if anyone knows the names of them yet, but in the video "Art is the weapon" there is a little photo of them in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. IF you pause it at exactly 0:39 you can see it right under the ray gun :)
più di un anno fa tourzombie said…
The girls names are Cherry and Lily.
Sweetest names ever! xD
Proof from Frank's Twitter: link

I'm guessing Lily is after Frank's grandma Lillian that died, and maybe Cherry is after one of Jamia's family members.
più di un anno fa jodieebabee said…
there so sweet n there names are lily n cherry sooo cute
più di un anno fa mcrkilljoygirl said…
There names are soo nice :)
più di un anno fa Gerardwayluvr97 said…
they're names r so adorable!!!!!