frutta superiore, in alto 5 preferito Fruits and Why (optional)

Avatar-Is-Life posted on Nov 06, 2008 at 08:57PM
1. Dragonfruit-
-They taste good and dragons are cool.
2. Pomegranites-
-They weren't the food of the Greek gods for nothing! (I'm gonna have some tonight :D)
3. Passionfruit-
-I have a passion for fruit and they=yum.
4. Watermelon-
5. Coconuts-
-They're FUN!

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più di un anno fa Nymphadora07 said…
Difficult to Choose:
1. Mangoes
*Have always been my fav. fruit and have a great juicy taste*
2. Starfruit
*It's shaped like a star and tastes kinda sour =)*
3. Rasberries
*Yum yum flavorfully addicting*
4. Peaches
*like a version of a mango....*
5. Strawberries
*Triangular and just overall yummy*
più di un anno fa Nymphadora07 said…
By the way , avatar rox! =D
più di un anno fa ChristineHB said…
più di un anno fa shazyrach said…
1. bannana
2. orange
4. pear
5. melon
i just like all of them
più di un anno fa hplover321 said…
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più di un anno fa k24kanako said…
1. Grapefruit
This is the best fruit because it's very juicy and have a high vitamins, so I can't understand many people says it tastes sour and doesn't like.
2. pear
I like that texture. I prefer pears to apples.
3. Mango
It's very sweet, smells good and my island is famous for Mango.
4. Watermelon
It's very juicy and I like to eat it in the summer
5. Pineapple
Looks cute and tastes great.