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fariel1 detto …
i have two Furbys~one original named "Doo-moh" and one Emototronic named "Big Furby". Doo-moh Lost his voice, and i'm not sure Big Furby is working o not. any tips? postato più di un anno fa
glelsey commentato…
Sometimes a factory reset fixes those things; not sure what gen your Furbies are but the '90s ones could be reset da pressing the little "restart" button on their bottom while pressing their tongue/putting your finger in their mouth. te might have to Google how to reset later gen furbies though. più di un anno fa
ShimmerPuppy16 detto …
Yesterday my Furby Boom, Dee-Toh, got stuck on the personality Jolly. It took forever to get her back to Sweet! I finally got her to change when I started talking to her in Furbish. Which, ironically, is what te do to get it to be Hyper! I was saying stuff like, "Kah no likey! Change to Sweet koh-koh!" Kah means me o I, and koh-koh means again. Luckily, she changed to Sweet intead of Hyper. I was so worried that her batteries were gonna die, because she uses them up in about one week.... postato più di un anno fa
thetankmoment commentato…
Mine is stuck in sweet più di un anno fa
thetankmoment detto …
I have a purple Furby. It froze for 7 WHOLE MONTHS then started moving again. postato più di un anno fa
dixieritasasha commentato…
I saw that. più di un anno fa
Simmeh commentato…
That's creepy! Furbies are scary little things. >_> più di un anno fa
ShimmerPuppy16 commentato…
Did it's batteries needed to be changed, o was it sleeping? o was it just being a complete weirdo... più di un anno fa
thetankmoment commentato…
I think it was being a weirdo più di un anno fa