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posted by edwestwick
Georgina: te always did know how to leave them wanting more.

Georgina: And do te remember when we ran out of money and I had to flash the bartender?

Georgina: So te want to distance yourself from your mistakes da staying away from me.

Dan: Yo, hey, buddy, there te go.
Georgina: Oh, awww, Georgie hey, bad boy. Sorry he disturbed you.
Dan: Well, uh, it's fine. I Amore dogs.
Georgina: Really. Do te have any?
Dan: No, uh, we use to have a cat, uh, but te know... sister, allergies.

Serena: This is not about last anno Georgina, it's about last night!
Georgina: Like te are some innocent bystander who...
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posted by CHOCOLATTE
OMG Georgina everyone's fave bad girl will be coming back to gossip girl in season 2 ,well at least according to this foto cuz there is aaron who has only been a cast member since the early begging of season 2.
I hope she comes back a becomes 'Queen G' she rocks, and Michelle Trachtenbreg is a great actress and her style absolutley rocks !!!!
But I Am Not Sure It Is Her In The foto I Hope It Is Her

If te Know Anything Else About Georgina Is Season 2 Please Worn Me . I Think She Is The Best GG Character Ever.