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Eugene Davis is Naru's twin brother, a psychic medium who died before the series takes place. Called Gene da his brother, he was what is called a "perfect medium"; when he channeled spirits, he would speak in whatever language the spirit spoke, regardless of his own knowledge of it. This was seen da Oliver as proof that he was truly channeling the spirit, as opposed to simply using psychometry to communicate with it. Gene appears in the series as a spirit who guides Mai's visions.
According to the novels, Oliver and Eugene lived in an American orphanage until they were adopted da the...
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Genres: comedy, drama, horror, mystery, psychological, supernatural
Plot Summary: Taniyama Mai is your everyday high school student, who has the pastime of telling ghost stories with her friends. Much to her surprise, she meets a mysterious ghost hunter, Shibuya Kazuya, the 17 anno old head of Shibuya Psychic Research, sent out to investigate strange phenomenon occurring in Mai's school. Accidentally interfering with their investigations, Mai unintentionally causes the injury of Shibuya's assistant, resulting in Shibuya demanding Mai herself to aid him in his investigations.

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nihongo|Kazuya Shibuya|渋谷 一也|Shibuya Kazuya
Anime voices|Yuuki Tai|Todd Haberkorn
Born: September 19
Blood Type: A
Height: 175 CM

A paranormal researcher and the handsome 17 year-old president of the SPR, Shibuya Psychic Research. His nickname "Naru" is short for "narcissist", dato to him da Mai.
Contrary to the other characters, he does not appear to possess any kind of spiritual power, and must count on his companions' abilities and his own intellect and knowledge to solve the cases they investigate. It is later revealed that Naru is an extremely powerful psychic,...
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The nickname "Naru" is dato to him da Mai, and is an abbreviation of the romanization of the English word "narcissist"; this nickname generally comes to be adopted da everyone working with the SPR. Initially, it appears that he has no spiritual powers. Though appearing cold and critical in front of his friends, he does care for them deeply and earns their trust and respect. Eventually, it is revealed that Naru is actually the famed paranormal researcher and psychic, Oliver Davis, and that he has very strong psychokinetic abilities, which Masako Hara has witnessed. Although Naru has been taught...
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