Ghost Hunt Kazuya/Naru vs Lin

anime_girl23 posted on Nov 22, 2010 at 07:52PM
Who is the more awesome character? (Or if you're a girl, the hottest)

Kazuya/Naru Shibuya or Lin Koujo????????????

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più di un anno fa anime_girl23 said…
PLEASE ANSWER... it makes me sad when people don't like me.
più di un anno fa miloticgal said…
big smile
Naru!!!!! (Lin scares me a bit!)and Naru is the most beautiful manga/anime character I have ever seen!
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più di un anno fa sistersgrimm13 said…
più di un anno fa hatori22 said…
lin, i don't mind naru but i think lin is awsome and handsome too
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