Gillian Anderson Whcih of Gilly's other award mostra Dresses/Outfits do te like best?

Pick one:
British Comedy Awards (2007)
Museum of Televisione Awards (2006)
BAFTA Awards (2006)
Broadcasting Press Guild Awards (2006)
ES Theatre Awards (2005)
IFTA Awards (2005)
BAFTA Awards (2005)
British Independant Film Awards (2004)
Empire Awards (2004)
Foreign Press Association Awards (2003)
ES Film Awards (2003)
ES Theatre Awards (2002)
Independant Spirit Awards (2002)
Genesis Awards (2002)
Directors Guild Awards (2002)
Blockbuster Film Awards (2000)
Publicists Guild of America (2000)
MTV Movie Awards (1997)
Museum of Televisione Awards (1995)
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