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I'm so sorry for making so many articoli recently, but i'm in the mood of making them so...xD

This is my ranking of the prettiest SNSD members, without makeup. Who looks the best? and who looks the worst?

Feel free to disagree with me, in the commenti =)

Btw i'll use recente pics. And i KNOW, that, in the pics i'll show, the girls aren't entirely without makeup. BUT they're wearing very little makeup.

Number 9- Sunny

It's not that she looks bad but the difference between her with makeup and without makeup is HUGE. Tbh, i couldn't almost recognize her in those pics, the biggest difference...
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posted by kimkyu
[INFO] SNSD's Contract Information.

- Yuri's contract on SM Entertainment will expire 9 years until 28 years old. She's now 23.

- Yoona's contract on SM Entertainment will expire 15 years until 34. She's now 22.

- Jessica's contract on SM Entertainment will expire 9 years until 28 years old. She's now 23.

- Sooyoung's contract on SM Entertainment will expire 5 years till 23. She's now 22.

- Hyoyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun's contract on SM Entertainment will expire untill SNSD disbands.

- Sunny's contract on SM Entertainment is a FREEDOM CONTRACT.

- Taeyeon's contract on SM Entertainment will expire...
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posted by reeginasays
Have te guys ever wondered about the meanings of each number the girls wear when they perform "Oh!"? If not, now's the time to find out what they're all about (if so, lucky te because I found out!! LOL)!!

Taeyeon chose 9 as it is the number of SNSD,
Sooyoung chose 24 as she wants to be with the fan 24/7,
Seohyun chose 11 to be number one in everything,
Tiffany chose 01, but while printing, an error occurred, leaving out the 1, and giving her the nickname "Team's Hole" with the number 0.
Jessica is turning 22 this year, so she chose the number 22,
Yuri chose 21, as it was her age at that time,...
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I'm going to make this articolo because I want to express myself about what I think about each member. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Vocal ranking:

Of course Taeyeon, who else in SNSD can challege her? She hits and mainteins her high notes easilly. She has a open vocal range and she's very versatile.

She's really good but I haven't seen improvement in a long time. That makes me think that she can't improve more, o that she don't want to. Her high notes are amazing and I Amore her voice, which never change in performance.

She's been shadowed for 5 years and now people complain...
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I know that everyone loves the Power of Nine but honestly is it function for the group. I like relatively everyone in the group however there are a lot of people and someone postato a domanda that has got me thinking. "Is Nine Really Too Much"?

As an American, its not in my culture to watch variety shows to appreciate my "idol", te watch idols perform and their mvs and call it a day, but not SNSD. Half of their popularity comes from them being on variety shows o else no one would no anything about them because te can't see their personality in their performances o in their mvs and to me...
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*Disclaimer: Everything in this story is completely made up, and I don't own any of the pictures. Hope te enjoy! Btw, I'm the host, so please orso with me!*

Episode 1: And So It Begins
*The members of SNSD walk into the private house, amazed*

Host(me): Hello everyone, and welcome to KNTM! I'll be your host, and I don't think I need any further introduction, since most people know me on here, but I'm Jackie. So, without further adieu, let's begin! Are te guys excited?

SNSD: Yes!

Taeyeon: I was really nervous at first, since this is was new experience for us.
Tiffany: The house was so...
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In case you're wondering...NO i didn't forget about my "prettiest member in ____ MV" articles. LOOL

but i'm keeping those in the dungeon for a while xD

Anyway, this will be based on how many moments these pairings have o the chemestry/friendship i see in them. so don't expect "popularity" to play a huge part on this analysis. cause i'm sorry to disappoint you, i was never a fan of the popolare snsd pairings like taengsic, yoonyul, etc etc. most of them don't even feel genuine to me. they just seem like "fanservice pairings"


Anyway, we all know (or suspect) these two members' history....
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I feel like this is a pretty interesting subject and, that way, Sones can discuss più openly and maybe get closer, cause that's what we need in this club. there's too many hate and we should stop.

Therefore, i would like to see più articoli like this one. i Amore to read everyone's opinions and they're always so diversed. So please, think about it =)

Before we start, i just want to say that i'm trying to be the least biased i've ever been with SNSD. If te see your bias at the bottom of my list, it's not my fault. i tried my best to come up with a decent ranking.

i combined these things
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Role in the Group
So who is Kim, Taeyeon? Most of us know her as “the” main vocal of the Korean Pop group SNSD o Girl’s Generation. Being the oldest in her group she was deemed leader and in charge of making sure the members do their best and to put a good image for the group. As a Main Vocalist she is in charge of Canto most of the parts in their songs. So Let’s dig in deep to see what is there to know about the “Leader of SNSD”.

Good Points:

There is little doubt that Taeyeon is the best singer in SNSD, even with less than four years of training her voice shines above...
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Netizens must have always been expressive how they are Come d’incanto da Yoona's beauty but let's face the fact that she's not perfect at all.

Yoona's proportioned physique saves her skinny body and she always looks good in everything she wears... expect perhaps super skinny jeans? Netizens shared some unflattering foto of Yoona's legs which appeared awkwardly for some reason.

Maybe it's because she's too skinny that even though she has that perfectly shaped thigh gap, her bowlegs to appear awkwardly like this is kind of unflattering.

Hope she gains più weight.
posted by DaniMF
This articolo is going to be, as the titolo says, about my favourite pairs. Hope you'll enjoy it. This is my first articolo in a while, I want to make some before I start my school term.

Also, don't ask about some pairs in the comments, this is about my favourite pairs, not the most genuine. And yes, te can expect Sooyoung in a lot of pairs and Seohyun in neither of them.

My favourite pair ever, they are my perfect couple. They are so dorky together, I Amore seeing their moments. They have a lot os pics, foto and selcas together, and they hang out a lot together. They've done a lot of...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
 Citazioni from SNSD... (Click for a larger view)
Quotes from SNSD... (Click for a larger view)

Date: August 5, 2014
Today is the giorno where seven years ago, a legacy was made. In honor of their 7th anniversary, here are the personal messages left da fan around the world! The response was pretty overwhelming. I never thought I'd get 20+ people to sign up for this, so I sincerely thank te from the bottom of my heart!

This is how the articolo will be formatted.
Each of the messages will be underneath the banner that says their bias's fandom name, while crediting who detto the message. Again, I cannot thank te guys enough for helping me with this article, and I really can't take the credit...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
Opinion/Rant time again! Hopefully you'll enjoy this one, even if I use the same format over and over again... Anyways, enjoy!

We all know that Korea has some standards that seem a bit ridiculous to us. Some examples would be that of beauty. Just because someone has a slightly darker skin color than the latte white color te have doesn't mean te have to constantly remind them of it.

Same goes with my topic for today, the so-called "scandals" that Korea frowns upon. I get it if it was something really serious, like murder o sexual assault. But, dating? Falling in Amore suddenly became a crime?...
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Before anything I'm going to say thanks to all the people that voted and commented, I really enjoyed making it and I'm thinking about making more.

Let's start with the Photoshoot:

Seohyun is last and I know why, she looked nice but her face was really weird. She was way too young and she needs più makeup to shine

I don't get it, I think that she deserves a higher spot. Hyoyeon was totally stunning and ruled the photoshoot.

The biggest WTF moment of my life. Jessica was totally stunning. She deserves superiore, in alto 3 for sure. She looks young and fresh. I would say that...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
Another Opinion/Rant article! First off, I need to say that I will be on hiatus for all of my fanfictions. I've just been so crammed with school that I haven't had time to just relax and write a chapter. I'll probably be posting on very random days, so just keep looking at the articoli section for the series that you're looking inoltrare, avanti to!

So, at the very start of 2014, this titolo has been used for a while in the media: Dating Generation. If te don't know why it's being referred to that, then te must be living underneath a rock. This is basically what the news has detto since and I'll just...
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Time for Gee, aka, the most viewed SNSD MV so far =)


Number 9-Hyoyeon
I understand her position, although i think there's someone who looks worse than Hyoyeon.
I personally don't like her hairstyle and the hat looks really weird on her. Her face doesn't look all that spectacular either.

Number 8-Tiffany
Well, OF COURSE. What did te expect? Tiffany and number 8 are the couple of the milennium.
But seriously, once again, i just don't understand. She looks so pretty and adorable, i Amore her hair so much, especially the bangs, i think Tiffany looks...
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It's time for Genie =)


Number 9-Tiffany
This is one of the biggest WTF moments in this countdown. I feel like the hate for Tiffany in this club, has gotten too far.
I admit that Tiffany's hair doesn't look spectacular, but apart from that, her face looks so beautiful. Just look at that smile, for god's sake. This girl should be in the superiore, in alto 3.

Number 8-Sooyoung
The secondo biggest WTF moment...there's no secret that both Tiffany and Sooyoung are often considered two of the prettiest members in this MV da the majority of Sones.
Then, what the hell...
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At a press conference on August 10th at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Hongeun-dong,Seodaemun-gu in Seoul,Japan's superiore, in alto idol,Kinki Kids'Koichi Domoto talked about SNSD and KARA,two groups that are hugely popolare in Giappone right now.

Koichi Domoto said,[I had been on a program with KARA before but as for SNSD,I only managed to meet them briefly.At the same time,looking at their activeness in pursuing various areas,I think they are pretty amazing.I try to calm myself as I still feel nervous before going up on stage but it looks like they do not tremble and manage to deliver great and enjoyable performances].

He then praised the girls da saying,[They are really awesome].

Looks like the girls hard work is leading to extreme success since their entrance into the Japanese market!
Park Myung Soo and Jessica of SNSD will reunite for their popolare track Naeng Myun one più time!

For those of te that don't recall, this adorable duo performed Naeng Myun (Cold Noodles) for the Infinity Challenge Duet Song Festival this summer, then went on to perform a few songs on Musica shows due to the widespread popularity of the surprise hit track.

So are te excited o what? This time it'll be for the 2009 MBC Entertainment Awards. The two will sing their special song they sang for Infinity Challenge back in July.

Unfortunately, Park Myung Soo was supposed to perform with all of SNSD but, due to the girl group's busy end-of-the-year schedule, they had to narrow it down to Jessica.

But there's still going to be a girl group performing a track from Infinity Challenge. Who? After School! The sexy girl group will get together with Jung Joon Ha for their Infinity Challenge song, Young-Gae-Baek-Sook.
 Jessica and Park Myung Soo
Jessica and Park Myung Soo
posted by snsdlover4ever
 This should've been The Best album cover. Such a shame.
This should've been The Best album cover. Such a shame.
Opinion/Rant time yet again! This time I did these a little differently, da asking some fan what they thought about the subject. I won't directly point them out, since they should know who they are, but instead, I'll be Scrivere the entire articolo based on what they thought of it to be. (With some of my input of course.) Let's begin!

Everyone should know the ever-so-popular term, "If you're a real/true Sone..." which is what some fan just throw around everywhere without completely explaining what being "a true Sone" is. It's not new, but it's definitely annoying.

So why do people say this? There's...
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