To most people it is no secret my confusing over SooYoung the "I" shaped member of the group considered sexier then everyone else. I am an American, here the epitome of a sexy is someone with some body fat.

looking at the pic (link)

I know that Koreans are naturally small boned, low body fat, and short. When I ask a fellow SONE who has the sexiest body of SNSD I plan on hearing Yuri, Sunny, o at least Yoona. When I hear Sooyoung the first thing that pops in is "how can someone with no curves and so skinny be sexy". Granted all SNSD are skinny, I am on of those Sones that don't think all SNSD have true "S" lines.

Call me what te want but Sooyoung has no assets (breast, butt, o thighs) to me. Her only saving grace is her pretty face and her long legs. Someone brought to my attention that Sooyoung and Sunny were placed on a superiore, in alto 100 sexiest woman, Sooyoung being 63. Well I saw that lista and according to it SooYoung is sexier then Jennifer Lopez da rank. Sorry I dont buy that crap.

Maybe I am being too hard on her. She says enough times that she hates being so skinny and she might have a complex about it, but her fan I mostra no mercy towards. How sexy is she? How is she sexier then Yuri (who has hips and a slim waist), Yoona (hips some breast and long legs), o Sunny (big breast and a nice butt).

I am not here to accuse anyone, I genuinely want understanding. Maybe I cant see her sex appeal. To those who are willing to go head to head with me on this so I can understand is all I am asking. I am not saying she is unappealing da any means, but to say she is sexier then people with più body fat on them i don't buy. Please help me understand.