Girl’s Generation/SNSD The 3-2-1 Game

Curlymckay_ posted on May 05, 2015 at 07:22AM
The goal of this game is to get your bias to #1, to do this you must get her through two rounds of voting. The two rounds are slightly different from each other and only 5 members continue on to the second round.

Basic Rules of the Game
1. You are allowed to give three different points, one's worth 3, another's worth 2, and the final one is worth 1 point. You can decide if they are negative or positive. So you can give Sooyoung +3 points, Yoona -2 points, and Sunny +1 points. Or you can give Sooyoung -3 points, Yoona -2 points, and Sunny -1 points. They can all me negative or positive, it doesn't matter. BUT, you cannot give two different types of points to one member, which means that Sooyoung can't get a +3 and a +2, she can only have one. So for example,

You can designate your points like this...
Sooyoung - 3 (+3)
Yoona - -2 (-2)
Seohyun - 1 (+1)
and then the next person (if they want to) can give Sooyoung another +3

2. You can post again after 6 hours, so the game doesn't take forever. Also, this means that if you wait 6 hours you can give Sooyoung another +3 points (from the example above). This is kind of weakly enforced though, if you go before that just make sure someone else has posted and it's at least an hour.

3. Once a member gets NEGATIVE 20 points, they get a life ticket. If they get 3 Life Tickets they move on to the next round.

4. On the contrary, if a member gets to POSITIVE 20 points, they loss a life ticket. If they lose 3 Life Tickets they're out.

5. If a member loses a life ticket or gains a life ticket, they restart their points (but keep their life tickets)

6. If a member moves on to the next round before the first round is over, they are out of the first round and can no longer be voted for.

7. In the first round, all members start at 0.

8. The second round will be slightly different and explained later.

Taeyeon - 3
Sunny - 1
Tiffany - 0
Hyoyeon - 1
Yuri - 2
Sooyoung - 3
Yoona - 3
Seohyun - 3

Round Two Members
1. Taeyeon
2. Yoona
3. Sooyoung
4. Seohyun

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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