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Of course my lista will always change (not my superiore, in alto 3, though. that will NEVER change)
But i have nothing better to do at the moment, so, i decided to make this articolo

Enjoy xD

Before we begin, here are some honorable mentions: I Amore these songs to death but they didn't make it to the superiore, in alto 20

-Flower power
-Let it rain
-Stay girls
-The great escape
-Baby steps
-Born to be a lady
-Top secret
-Love melody
-Day da day
-Sweet talking baby

And to the songs without any honorable mentions...i either just like, dislike o hate them. Simple as that xD

Number 20- Mr Mr

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And we finally end up with Seohyun =)

Into the new world
I'll just say this once: she looked unnatractive

I think i'm the only one who hates Seohyun in this MV. her makeup was way too heavy for my taste

Gee japanese version
I still don't know what the hell is going on with her face. And that headband....


Mr taxi
Don't like it. Her hair look very thick and i simply don't like the style of it

Run devil run 3D version
Funny how i Amore how Seohyun looks in the regular RDR MV but not this one. She looks so awkward, LOOL

The boys
Why the hell did...
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Time for my lovely Sooyoung =)

don't expect much, LOOOOOOOL

Gee japanese version
This was the first MV in which i found Sooyoung... just ok. not a fan of her hair and her face also looked pretty awkward

This is the first Sooyoung disaster and thank god it's the only one so far, LMAO. i do like her other hairstyle in the same MV, though (when she's wearing a tuxedo and her hair is in her ponytail)

yeah, sorry, there's only 2. not my fault, though. Sooyoung is my prettiest member, therefore, it's pretty rare to think she looks bad
and tbh, i think she's the member that has been the least victimized so far, at least when it comes to crazy hairstyles

What are your least preferito Sooyoung looks?
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