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Finally, it's done. Sorry for being so late

So, basically i opened a sondaggio and asked Sones in this club to write their SNSD bias ranking

Before we begin, here are the users who participated (aside from me)

many thanks to them....


to the users who didn't get the chance to participate. Sorry, maybe successivo time (in 2015)

Now let's get down to the results

Number 8- Sunny
With 87 points

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Here is my complessivamente, generale ranking and review about this song. Lets start?


9. Sooyoung

Sooyoung's outfit is weird. I mean i don't like her jumpsuit and that feathery thing around her neck she looks like super skinny. Her makeup is good but not great and awesome. I like her shoes, but i think it doesn't match the dress. Her hairstyle is weird too, i don't like that hairstyle.

8. Sunny

I wish Sunny's hair is long :( I prefer her hair on 'Genie' . It fits her. I don't like her hair on that MV she looks like F(x)'s Amber. I don't really like that calza, maglia rasata that she's wearing. I Amore her superiore, in alto and shorts,...
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Before anything this is just an articolo about Sunny, but I won't be rude, hard o hurtful, so let's go. And please don't kill me Sunshiners.

Sunny is a member that was one of my favourites when I first see Run Devil Run last summer. She caught my eyes and although she is 7 in my bias lista I keep paying attention and I'm really dissapointed.

So Sunny is one of the lead vocalist of SNSD, she has the technique although I don't like her voice so much, less when she does aegyo sing. I like her voice when it's recorded and live, I think that she is one of the best live singers (don't kill me).

But the...
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Sunny now =)

baciare you
Her hair just looks ugly

Run devil run and Run devil run 3D
Yup, i know many people Amore Sunny in this MV but i just don't like the curly hair.

Nooooooo, it looks horrible. from the cut, to the weird color that doesn't suit her at all

Bad girl
I don't even know what THAT IS.

Time machine and Paparazzi
This is where she started to look like Justin bieber.

fiore power

Dancing queen
too much volume...and ugly bangs

I got a boy
I don't need to explain. do i?

What are your least preferito Sunny looks?
It's time for Jessica =)

Into the new world
She just looks bad to me.

Kissing you
Cute hairstyles for Jessica are a huge NO. it looks so odd

The beginning of the octupus hair. plus, the hat

The continuation of the octupus hair. it looks hideous

Short haired Jessica....NO. and the cut just looks really bad and messy

I know everybody seems to Amore Jessica in this MV but i absolutely HATE IT. my god. i find the curly hair and the blonde color, both horrible. She looks like a freakin' Barbie and simply not...real

Mr Taxi
What the hell is this?

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